Two friends building go karts, mini bikes, and custom machines. Join us in learning, playing, and growing "it'll be fine" engineering. Our most exciting builds include a 670cc V-Twin kart that pulls wheelies deemed the "Black Widow", we've built a rat rod inspired go kart around a Radio Flyer wagon tub known as the Rat Rod Wagon, and a 420cc turbocharged drift trike.

Our favorite modifications and restorations include fitting a 212cc engine on a mini bike, nearly tripling it's original displacement, and restoring and modifying an old racing kart that had been sitting in a field for years before we rescued it.

Many of our projects are capable of 50 miles an hour. There's no telling what you'll see on CarsandCameras, but it's sure to be fast, fun, and fine. Thanks for checking us out!

Please use the below email for business inquiries only.

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  1. Joel Leaver

    Yep!!!! Ol Skool! Nice Fellas!

  2. Dan Noneya

    well I am new to you guys USfilm channel so I wont comment. Like what your doing and wish I could do some of it myself. I would love to build a fast highly modified mini bike sleeper. Dan McKinney TX

  3. Alex Diskin

    Flip your coil around and put it on backwards for an easy timming change

  4. sleeperking01

    i used to work at briggs an stratton in sherrill ny. and they set all of there motors to red line at 3,500 to 3,600rpm roughly. they make most of there mowers in NY and there generators in Wisconsin.. they also use honda motors on there mowers also

  5. GodschildinNC

    Love John's reaction to the governor. Back before Honda this is what we all ran. Run the engine and us a file for the crank instead of the grinder.

  6. Backwoodz Minnesotan

    On all briggs motors the first two digits of the code number on the engine shroud is the year of manufacture

  7. bedspread

    use Diesel oil

  8. Lottie Cooper

    Crime doesn't pay!!! Cutting corners is just being lazy!! Do it right the first time, or don't bother. Good work ethics always prevails!! You guys already know this!! I know you had the coil on hand, and you figured why not. Thanks for sharing fellas!!

  9. Go kart Madness

    You guys were better before all the ads and fame and all that shit

  10. neil1150

    Oasis was the word you were looking for (florist foam)

  11. John Paquin

    iuse to get my 5 horse briggs for my go karts and mini bikes i would get them off of old garden tillers most of time time they low time engine and with a little t l c they run just fine and i could get old tillers cheapand at this time lm putting 3 1\2 briggs engine on a three wheel bike and i got the engine off of an old edger that someone put in a dumpster the engine is a very low time engine it looks new i think they bot the edger used one year and when the gas whent dad over time winter and it didnt start next spring they put it in the dumpser when i got it all i had to do to it was clesn the carb put good gas in it and it ran perfect so now im going to end up with it on my three wheel bike i plane on using to save gas getting back and forth to town

  12. GravelOverlord

    I have that exact same generator. That coil hack is gonna help me out in the future I'm sure

  13. Emmanuel Goldstein

    15:35 *Satan approaches in the background*

  14. Wyatt Sargent

    thank you for doing the old briggs for me ty

  15. AforEffort


  16. Kristen Krug

    I love the old school mini bike frame for it, but I was hoping for another custom bike where you utilized the generator handle for the handlebars.

  17. Luke's Garage

    I have a few old 3.5hp b&s lawnmower engines lying around and I thought it would be cool to use to power a go kart I'm planning on. Is there any modification needed to use an upright shaft engine as a horizontal shaft engine other than the position of the carb. I'm thinking mainly about internal lubrication.

  18. shanco73

    Looks great. Awesome work guys! You guys are the mini pro's though!

  19. sam dunning

    35% more fuel for an increase in power

  20. YFZ Logan

    Great Video

  21. Brian Dinges

    Grab a grinding belt. Start the engine and use the belt with your hands to turn down the crank. It's only .03 oversized.

  22. Brian Dinges

    Non detergent oil for engines with slingers and dippers. Detergent oil foams up. The way those engines are oiled is basically like an egg beater splashing oil all over the place.

  23. nitrous31

    "Abandoned"... sure Mr. Thief XD

  24. Mozez Cen-Valley

    Well bypassing the governor made that Willy stand up and started dancing I haven't seen this video when it was uploaded I started watching your videos when you only had like 20 or 30 videos I'm looking for the part 2 right now

  25. Cody

    Old school 👍👍

  26. Henk Oosterhof

    How does it get its timing point? Is there a sensor involved?

  27. dave1135

    14:38 if you guys would have just cleaned and regapped the points to .020, you could have saved a bunch of heartache

  28. djshnibz

    Lol WHY did you clean out that gas tank INSIDE the shop 😂

  29. jeremy pooler

    Hell put a billet crank con rod cam some upgraded lifters springs valves and a billet flat head do a rat rod rustic paint job on it and slap it on the rat rod wagon

  30. Devan Shruggs

    It’ll be fine😂

  31. Mike Velasquez

    Just a question can you guys make a video to how to remove a 212 predator because I want to make my go kart faster and like you guys have more experience and thank you🙏🔥

  32. Ronny Chavez

    Me being a huge Briggs fan and in my younger days never having enough cash for a newer engine I watched this episode having flashbacks of the good old days when the Briggs never let me down. Can’t beat the Honda clones though there’s just to much aftermarket support to squeeze every little hp you can out of them. Used to almost get a Briggs for free back then though

  33. Boris Karloff

    You gotta be kidding me with all those toys and power wheels. Big haul

  34. Tony Johnson

    This my second favorite channel now these two have fun just like nore and efn on drink champs

  35. Technician 122

    Don't feel bad guys, those filters are pretty much just junk imo...

  36. Kit Vexed

    props to the fixed-frame guys.. that's TOUGH them little doodle bugs sure can take a beating!

  37. Zmaxdude [Online]

    If the motor is running at fairly high rpms, wouldn't a little more advance be good? Like in a generator?

  38. Zmaxdude [Online]

    I'm sorry, but I want to hear every last juicy secret you know about these classics👍🏼

  39. pat usher

    I think the governor on the parts engine that runs off the air from the flywheel is actually a choke. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  40. PrO_GaMiNg33171 Elite

    Omg I go to ocracoke every year and my family owns the slushy stand


    This is awesome to see ,we build and race mini bikes in Cali every weekend 😎

  42. Don Reinholz

    Dr Issac is scary! Every day is like Christmas with packages from Go Power Sports.

  43. XPNDBLhero

    It should be called Old Glory.... Old-school American.

  44. XPNDBLhero

    I don't care what it takes, I have to have a special episode of Ike sitting in a rocking chair w/ glasses and a pipe and a long beard reading his Briggs memoirs..... All narrated by John who would be the 4th all between us and Ike. 😂🤣 Edit: 26:16 - I swear Ike runs on gas and that's why he uses Gatorade bottles.... Just so he can sneak some and nobody questions if he knows which is which. He knows, he's just refueling... Don't ask about the oil. 🙄

  45. Boris Karloff

    Nice job getting that old girl started again.

  46. Eli Renigar

    I knew you were about to say ‘florist foam’

  47. mathew shackelford

    What clutch did you use?

  48. The Modern Smith

    Just fixed up one of these engines a few months ago. Besides that the pull start randomly squeaks like hell I like it alot.

    1. dave1135

      Take your starter clutch apart and polish the crankshaft extension with scotchbrite. Clean the starter housing and balls and just LIGHTLY mist with a quick shot of wd-40. Reassemble, and add a few drops of 3in1 oil to the hole in the top of the clutch housing. Add a little Oil into the blower housing to oil the spring and pull a few times to distrubute the oil. Reassemble and you should be good

  49. Jack Karst

    How long did it take to put together?

  50. stonereed

    Gen tech here. We have maintenance agreements with customers if they choose where we come out and maintain services on generators annually and semi annual inspections if they choose. But yes a lot get neglected

  51. B Simpson

    Bully clutch

  52. oliver crazy

    when you shift you go down then up

  53. Kent Campbell

    I know they make adaptors for tapered shafts but I've never used one.

  54. Terry Allery

    so what is the price for all that stuff

  55. John Ellis

    I used one of the "it'll be fine stickers in the bumper if my custom Coleman. Tilted_jelli on IG

  56. John Ellis

    Damn I NEED one of them hats

  57. Andrew Johnson

    A few things 1. That's a Grand Prix mini bike. Taiwanese made and sold under a lot of different names, including Deltek 2. The engine size is stamped on the side of the tins above the gas tank. The first two digits should tell you the displacement. You can look that up to determine the power rating. 3. Awesome video. Keep 'em coming!

  58. Widowmaker

    you will be happy at the rpms they will turn and the power they make

  59. Lee Huntley

    Just convince that exhaust with a hammer!

  60. Widowmaker

    you need a supply of those diaphram gaskets they dont last long when they go bad hard to start

  61. Widowmaker

    take the head off and on a flat surface sand the head to increase compression the flywheel I was talking about on a 3 hp was aluminum

  62. Widowmaker

    and change carb feed tube to weedeater filter and tube

  63. Abyss PG3D

    Dude I love my Ducati 900 sport ie dry clutch and all. 🥰

  64. Widowmaker

    these are some mods i use to do to briggs 5 hp when I raced them: exhaust springs on both valves, set timing with advance key or measure 125 thousand down in hole and line up coil with leading edge of flywheel magnet we just would use locktight on crank worked fine, set valves on 004 open feed hole in stock carb with drill increaase jet size with , run methanol fuel use 3 hp briggs flywheel

  65. Richard Hatt

    What I heard John say to Isaac was "You sure have a pretty mouth"

  66. Mark Domayer

    Don't use a grinder. Go with a flat file.

  67. Mark

    keep it ole school brother...

  68. hamad alrahimi

    Can you replace a water pump engine and make it mini bike engine??

  69. Zach Ouimet

    Hey guys I would love some advice on this. I own a 82 250r looking to beef up the disc brakes. I am looking on go power sports but don’t know what I need.

  70. erik rodriguez

    I turned down a tapered shaft to 3/4 keyed with a grinder and dremel

  71. slowstang88

    Ike your brother looks and sounds so eerily similar to you

  72. Build Things Repair Things

    Generators have an easier life than a go kart engine? 😂😂😂 Generator engines usually never get serviced and you only see them in for repair when they are fucked and the oil is the thickness of treacle. But sometimes you can get a good generator engine depends on owner.

  73. Zach

    It even came with factory handlebars.

  74. bronzeboy

    Hey fellas, Hope you are both fine! Hey do you have any idea what is going on at Go Powersports? Been trying to order parts for last 3 mos. kept getting delayed! Now my credit card for all my orders was refunded and no one is answering the phone! And.. getting the “mailbox is full” error when trying to leave voice mails! Any clue!

  75. Grandpa Sussie

    You should do a briggs and Stratton old school mods build.

  76. Michael Worthington

    Great build. I think the only thing it would need is a little wider wheels and tires.

  77. Mad-Duk Machine Werkes

    you just have to get that stupid Flat can muffler off there and put on a Hot-Dog muffler - thats what all old mini bikes ran......

  78. Lyle Kehrer

    Damn! That looks familiar. Takes me back to teen years and the tiller we used to have. It had front tines and that was the drive. We'd start it up and let the tines pull it from the garage out to the garden. Might've been the same engine model too.

  79. What in the world?

    You can slot the coil and adjust the timing there.

  80. john beach

    That "Briggs Mod by Ike" sounds pretty good. I'd like my son and grandson to watch and learn a few tricks. We have all kinds of small engines here and come across plenty others.