Our ABANDONED "Honduki" 750cc Quad Preps for a FULL SEND! Exhaust Build, Clutch Rebuild + More!

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    Our Honda CB750 powered Suzuki Quad Sport 230 is almost ready to hit the track! In today's episode we knock out a bunch of big items required to make this beast of a 4 wheeler run well- we build a full exhaust system including a car muffler, we refurbish the wet clutch assembly (it was sticking before and wasn't disengaging), and we mount the oil canister and battery. The Honduki is almost ready for action!
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    Published on 22 days ago


    1. k_luv JP

      the vibe is way different then their old videos

    2. Do RC

      If you heat up the boots with the hair dryer or heat gun it will help carburetor installation a lot.

    3. Keeping It Keith

      He legit thought the carb job was easier than the clutch job. 😂

    4. JK Lyons

      Y'all should see my zip tie Frankin bumper cover. Y'all are fine with making due with what you got. That's why this real content not scripted. That why I'm hooked because it is real life and most of us gotta make due with what we got.

    5. marc provencher

      Disappointing to see junk being built, sorry

    6. Nicholas Duckney

      “I don’t think this looks so incredibly stupid”, I nearly spat my coffee all over my laptop, some of your finest one liners appear in this video.

    7. Nani

      just straight pipe it

    8. MrNursi

      Still think it should be the 'Sukonda' a bit like those reliable Japanese watches!

    9. LukeTheJoker

      HonTurDukie? Is that like a Turduckin?

    10. Tyler N

      No need for the spacers just slice off the end of the bolts make them a bit smaller.

    11. Mr Builds

      I’m doing a similar build but with a 2000cc winsconsin motor and a Polaris 900cc quad

    12. Rusty Seesaw

      QuadZilla comes to mind. Just awesome.

    13. john beach

      Hey, that fuel tank might've looked funny, but you could fab a rack and have 4 little tanks set up side by side and painted the same color. I think it might look pretty cool for an engine with 4 cylinders.

    14. john beach

      Any out takes, bloopers-n-behind the scenes coming?

    15. john beach


    16. 59vaughn

      The first headers lengths were not nearly as much a debacle as that "job"....😖😜...and that car muffler is way outer limits stuff...the bullets would be spot on...

    17. wippy748s

      some say one day they will actually get a carb to work properly

    18. Spud James

      The HonDuki TerdO is what I would call it. But I would go with a plentum and a single fuel injected throttle body if you go to TerdO it. Live the duki!

    19. Harry Mangus

      I've watched all three videos, and not one single curse word! There may be hope for the world after all.

    20. D B

      poor welder, all hack

    21. Aaron Stewart

      fucking piss jugs, way of the road, bubs.

    22. MagPel

      It's a myth that 4 strokes need any sort of back pressure to run optimaly. It's just restricting the flow. Don't bother with it unless you want to de-tune it to work with the stock carb jetting or for noice. I know i'm going to get people saying it's not true but it is. 2 strokes are a totaly different beast.

    23. Donbot5000

      hd piss jugs reference ...lol

    24. daniy game


    25. Jeppe Christensen

      Have you guys heard about the tilitson 236r??

    26. Herman Wallin

      revive the diesel kart

    27. Corey Breedy

      I have a question. Can u put a 150cc on a 110cc atv

    28. Karsyn Erhard

      Love the channel could literally be a legitimate garage pilot type series awesome camera quality and great commentary like "tacked in" Love the channel

    29. Dipe

      It's just loud enough to disguise the exhaust leaks

    30. Josh Lucas

      Can you do 2 storkes mini bikes

    31. PW

      Don’t use a Phillips screwdriver on Japanese screws. Get yourself a set of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screwdrivers. You’ll be glad you did!

    32. Jerry Tuley

      Call it turducken

    33. Jerry Tuley

      use one of the big red tanks

    34. Isaac Goplen

      Me and Isaac are so similar in 2 ways 1- We have the same name. 2- We are both motor heads.

    35. Stefen McElravy

      I want to see issacs beard at duck dynasty status

    36. junkinstein

      The turbo duke

    37. Michael Seiber

      John looks like a corpsman holding that bottle feeding the beast

    38. Hustle Man 35

      Hey good evening friends I enjoy show u host I love episode so cool nice in good day and great job and bless one

    39. Andy hood

      Good God, put that welder down. This is cringe worthy.

    40. Fantaman900

      sounds like a legit oem setup hahaha🤣

    41. freakotec

      Good lord boys. This build is quickly going full on next level janky.

    42. Bryan Shaw


    43. Mr.Mister

      "Self clearing" is a technical term right? Of course it is lol

    44. Arthur Beelaert

      Do a honda camino vario pls

    45. ThisGuyNamedMatt

      Shoulda left the tail pipe and put an exhaust flapper on cuz its "The Honduki."

    46. Joe Blow

      What a complete hack job...

    47. atomic V

      i just got my kart going ive been working on for years today. itz FFFFAAAAAAAZZZZZZZTTTTTTT.

    48. Toast

      30:00 the turbo duki lmao

    49. Michael lemons

      Got a ? U ever help someone out I got this lil dirt for my son and I don't no anything about it and can't get it to stay running and I can't find anyone around pa that can fix it for me I will pay

    50. jlucasound

      @33:44 Ike's jacket says, "FART". Oh. Sorry. "HOBART".

    51. Shayne Gadsden

      9 ads in a sponsered video is extremely exessive

    52. bunjit65

      Hair dryer or heat gun on the old rubber manifolds can make them pliable so you can get carby sets on again easily. It's a pain in the coit when they're old and hard as rocks.

    53. bunjit65

      Before you remove 6mm bolts from old motorbike engines, try giving them a sharp tap with a hammer nice and square. This can often stop them from binding up. Even better, remove the bolt with a hand tool like a T-handle so you can feel how much torque is going on. Impact driver's are great, but can overpower a 6mm bolt that is galled up in the aluminum and break it off. They can be such a bastard to remove once they bust, I always take a lot of time to ensure they come out clean. When I put them back I use something that will stop them from binding in there like Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant.

    54. Alasdair

      Taryl has totally nailed it.. they are 'carb-you-traitors'

    55. ncwarrior62

      Another good video on the books! Thank You Guys!!

    56. Nic jp2

      If y’all super charge the honduki then you can call it the super honduki

    57. Cory Hawkins

      That jacket Isaac is wearing where he colored in Hobart to say fart, now that’s just perfect 👌

    58. Mr Steelhead slammer

      What happened to the dragster

    59. Bruce Grunewald

      Garage shop hackery at it's finest. That exhaust is a work of art.

    60. tabakatinjim

      Shitty lookin exhaust

    61. Cortnie Smith


    62. Jay Mugridge

      Proudly engineerd in the backyard. Sketchyness at its finest.

    63. Pierangelo Quintilio

      Horror bike🤮

    64. Ognyan Dachev

      Wow thats a special y-pipe :D

    65. Rod MONK

      If you turbocharge it you can just change it to the Widow maker

    66. Markus M. Lambers

      It isn't a "Honduki", it is a "Suzuda" ! It sounds so much better, ... ! Driving myself a Suzuki and a Kawasaki, for 'car' und 'Motor-Bike'. (A 21-year old 'Jimny', and an nearly as old 'Estrella') My Kawasaki is almost called "Krawallosaki" that means it makes so much 'Krawallo" ! (Noise) And my car is my old 'Black Magic Woman', ... So take care of that special device.

    67. Jonathon Jeffries

      You guys should look into getting a Hawk 250 and see what you can do to squeeze more power and speed out of it.

    68. avant marable

      i went through the same bs with me 750 took hr just to get the carbs back on 😂😂😂 i thought i was the only one

    69. enwri

      Don't split the carbies up, it's more trouble than it's worth. Take off the bowls, jets, and mixture screws. The press fit idle jets do come out, pull and twist carefully. Clean every little passage you can squirt carb cleaner through, until you see them flow the same on each carb. Don't link up the overflows either, that can mess them up too. They will never sync if they aren't all working exactly the same. If no-one has ever had the slides out, they are probably still synced properly anyway. It's not an adjustment that changes by itself. It's people messing with them puts them out.

    70. Steve Deasy

      F USfilm algorithm

    71. John Clair

      I have been watching you guys for ever, please, both of you guys get a real quad and ride!

    72. bospimpphand

      a little oil will make those carbs slide right on

    73. Incognito Bandito

      NOT a phllips screw!!! it's JIS

    74. Mitch Lec

      Never hit a cover with a metal hammer, use a rubber mallet to not crack the cover. Never reuse an old gasket either. C-mon Isac, you used to rebuild engines...

    75. Jeff Perrault

      With open air filters and an exhaust that isnt real restricted you are going to have to go way up on the main jet..literally like ten steps as a starting point..

    76. Suffer Nofools

      Also, the fact that the motor is tilted about 20° too far forward, is NOT helping your clutch issues. It's not getting enough oil on the clutches tilted that far forward.

    77. Suffer Nofools

      I would've thought that by now you guys would know that if you're not synchronizing those carbs after cleaning/rebuilding, that you're completely wasting your time....

    78. Donavan Roland

      If you are going to use a car muffler it should be a cherry bomb.

    79. Dreaming Big Customs

      Gotta say I don't think I've ever seen anyone install carbs with a rachet strap until now 😂

    80. Fred Van

      I was told the thickness of a dollar bill

      1. Fred Van

        On the points

    81. TanTheMan

      TOO MANY ADS!!! Y'all ain't had this many in the past... c'mon guys

    82. Kylee Kyotee

      Yes to the turbo and call it the honturdski lol

    83. rararawr619

      Petition to refer to it as Hondiarrhea if you ever turbo it

    84. Justin Prentice

      Still waiting for the 919 crosskart 2.0

    85. Francisco Arellano

      8pm but what time zone?

    86. 4bangerlove

      It always sounds like your weld wire speed is too slow. Just saying

    87. Alex Pichardo

      You gotta link up with 2vintage and do a race for a video colab

    88. Jay Gorveatte

      I'm going to assume that you are aware that a vintage japanese bike uses jis screws not Philips. If you don't have proper japanese industrial screwdriver set invest a couple of dollars in them. Lots of them online.

    89. cafn8ed74

      Dookie. Can't wait to see how it rips.

    90. tritowns

      JIS, not phillips

    91. levi doane

      10:13 is the most crisp high-five ever

    92. Jim A

      That's Gonna Be 1 "FAST" FUN Ride !!

    93. Marshall Mathers

      Please name it quadzilla

    94. Danny Pratt

      Do we actually get to hear the real sound and not it in its ear rape mode?

    95. Senyum Selalu

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    96. Joshua Foster

      Lol, cut a small hole in the rear muffler

    97. John Babb

      Three ads in the first 18:30! And they were the same ads!! I just unsubscribed. Sayonara.

    98. Joe Mollet

      That engine looks very familiar. Like the one that’s in my 78 Honda CB750K Four. Hmmm

    99. Mathias Schäfer

      Yeah... 10 adds in 1 video... lovely... and there goes the fun of watching...

    100. Jeff E

      That "overflow" is part of the crankcase ventilation.....pretty essential on one of those SOHC 750 Hondas.