Cross Kart gets 110HP Honda 919 Swap??

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    We begin swapping the tired old 1982 Honda CB750 engine out of our custom built cross kart, and replacing it with a 2003 Honda 919 engine. Engine removal was easy enough, and the new engine is smaller than the older engine (even though it's larger in displacement and makes more power!), however we run into one REALLY big problem!
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Sammy Rothrock

      Get a Honda Valkyrie 125 hp tons more torque and a subaru rear end... Symmetrical.. 🤔

    2. Rene Porter

      The reason I gave you guys are just like is because you guys were perfectly good bike apart for a crappy go-kart for the bike lever me you guys really showed me that you guys really did not care about that bike you should have found another motor and show people that you could rebuild it but yet you just decided to grab the motor that was already running on a perfectly good bike that to me shows that you guys have no Talent come on now show us some talent and rebuild a bike

    3. Tim Lindblom

      Drag kart! drag kart! drag kart! drag kart!!!!

    4. madcuzbad

      Just dont put the oil pan below the the chassis on the Crosskart 2 lmao

    5. Charlie Thiede

      Me: wants a motorcycle Ike: tears down perfect motorcycle Me: cry’s

    6. Krisztián Kiss

      Revving the ice cold engine :((((

    7. K9 Cartel

      Big respect keep the grind going 💯

    8. d3spis3m3

      Would off set driver if they were on the left

    9. Nicholas Rickert

      I didnt want to look through all comments but how about making a dual chain setup? Chain off the engine gear to a "idler" gear on a shaft, then another gear off the side of that inline with the rear-end

    10. The Grimest

      Add two sprockets to offset the drive chain

    11. Boss B

      What happens to the unused parts from the 919 interested !!!

    12. Kevin Humphrey

      Can ya jack shaft it

    13. Kevin Humphrey

      Programmer try a different map

    14. mountain page production's

      That power commander is not waterproof when they get wet they can courupt and tell the bike it needs way to much fuel same thing happened to me a power commander just compensates more fuel for exhaust upgrades and things of that nature if you don't have it and run exhaust it will run lean as heck had one bite me one time and the power commander had got wet and only acted up when it was wet

    15. Jack Jackalong

      I'm really sorry chap's its hard to make those hard decisions. Hope to see the next one soon. Happy building from a fellow cart builder in South Africa

    16. Jeremy Bondoc

      Can i have that old engine sir please

    17. Jeremy Bondoc

      Hello sir can i have that chassis of that bigbike please just for my dream bike thanks

    18. Cruzerlou Outdoors

      If u build it , they will come. Well at least I will lol. Love to thrash on a cross kart lol.

    19. Bet Guider

      Longer jackshaft shorten axles so you have the room to move the sprocket over to line it up

    20. paige smith

      The rich problem sucks ..costing way to much horse power sometimes the diaphram throttle slides are slow to respond causing the vacuum to draw more fuel from the bowls usually caused by varnish build up from sitting with old fuel also the throttle needles may have an ( e clip ) that can be moved up or down to richen or lean the amount of fuel you draw

    21. Well Cabledriller

      2 point O

    22. James Crowley

      Hey you know those 750’s make great turbo engines guys you should think about that .

    23. ron kelso

      Definitely want to see their cross cart 2.0

    24. Heavy Metal Madman

      awesome :)

    25. The Bells

      I would love to see crosskart 2.0

    26. Acura RL

      Jackshaft it

    27. Steve Roach

      Put the engine on a minibike a 750 on a minibike would be awesome !!!!

    28. Harry Renner

      That bike is computerized that will make the swap more difficult. because all the stuff is going to have to come off that bike that belongs with the computer. and reinstalled on the cross kart. (well) being as it's not going to fit in this cross kart. you will want to make sure keep all the nessisary part's from the bike that belongs with the computer. I agree that an all new better designed cross kart 2.0 should be in the cards. and an idea that you might want to mull over. is to do some collaboration with Chris at rather be welding for the chassis. he has some pretty good chassis designs with extreme long travel suspension. and say if you couldn't shedule it he could probably cad a design to you on the computer. definitely something to think about. and put the original cross kart together as planned there's no sense in wasting that chassis. you will have to excuse this goofy comment. a person would think after all the time I have doing this. I would learn not to start writing the comment before the video is over but I'm a dork.

    29. Tommy Gaming

      Only ogs remember ikes adventures

    30. Rob Ignatov

      Why not look for a Honda VF 1000 or VF 750 engine. V4 and super narrow.

    31. candy kane

      Rotary turbo buggy

    32. candy kane

      Turbonitro 919cc

    33. Pat Smith


    34. stampy Dragon

      The919 always ran on the richer side kept the engine slightly cooler

    35. Kevin Lampe

      2.0? Whole new ride? Or cannibalized storm trooper?

    36. Jon Doe

      I like the concept of CrossKart v2.0. I'm not a vehicle designer, but I'd approach it like this: Design the driver cockpit first to house each of you comfortably, and safely. Plan where all controls will be located. Second, design the powerplant and driveline compartment to house, and handle the engine and components you'll be using. Third, design the suspension to handle the specific duties the vehicle will be used for. This sequence makes sense to me, and I will concede there's a thousand steps in planning and implementing, but I believe you'll save time, money, and frustration with a thorough plan at the beginning of a major project like that. Adjust as circumstances dictate. Best wishes, and thanks for the entertaining vids guys!

    37. DISNECT

      It is so funny to see so guys trying to get the engine out of the frame xD ... I had the same issues with my 919 xD

    38. Richard Wheelock

      An 81/82 CB900C is a shaft drive... 900F (harder to find) is chain drive and would be an easy swap in place of the 750 engine.

    39. sportster davidson

      Glad to see that the crosskart is getting redone , she wss nice but was a first try done good now its time to make it great 😁😁😁😁

    40. MMA

      If you guys not using the exhaust and power commander from the 919 I’ll buy them

    41. Brayan Vazquez

      You can tell that Ike is the brains and acknowledge and John is dumb and doesn’t know what his doing with out Ike

    42. Curtis Beattie

      It wouldn’t have effected the balance that much you should have just went with it , not like your talking big block Chevy weight.

    43. KrokettenCarlo

      919 i like that. Reminds me of the racing car

    44. Sean Mathias

      Just do a jack shaft lol

    45. Scott Vess

      What about a Honda gl500 water cooled eng I want to put this on a lawn mower. Anybody ever tried that?

    46. xxTyphoid

      Put a cr250 2 stroke in the sportbike

    47. Brad Huey

      That's why you should of never tore the bike apart. You could of got a title made for the bike an ran it down the road. 🙄

    48. Create 3D

      put it in a a mini bike XD

    49. Demond Anderson

      Put it in the rail use Ducotti on cross kart

    50. Creed Sixteen

      Yep. Do it!!

    51. rjsmooth Douglas

      I think an after market wing and a turbo who make this thing look like a beast and makes the power to back things up hope you guys see this comment

    52. Elijah McCartney

      I see Charles as another “character” in cars and cameras in the future

    53. Elijah McCartney

      Could you Make a jack shaft?

    54. GarageBuilt Offroad

      Didn’t you guys get a Polaris triple snowmobile engine? That thing makes close to 100 hp. Put it in the cross kart.

    55. Brae Emsley

      would having a chain from the output to another set of cogs to offset the output to the cogs already there work?

    56. Mike Mathewson

      i had one 3 months ago but had to scrap it fuckn landlords


      So as much as I would just love to see 2.0 crosskart I really think that engine would be perfect for another project that y'all might have over looked in all the time yall been doing this channel So I'm suggesting another build along the lines of a new drag rail build but this time instead of doing a drag car maybe do a lightweight drag bike wheeleybars and the widest back tire that you can find and then I'm thinking that should give y'all enough time figure something out for rich fuel issues and I really think with your cnc table and all skills y'all have learned along the way y'all could pull it off with no problems now days and it would really be the perfect platform to showcase y'alls build skills up to date..... Also THANK YOU for another great video as always and really hope that y'all like my idea for that engine as well

    58. Hank Burton

      How about a small jack shaft like two idler pulley welded together

    59. Steve Brumbaugh

      If your going to build a cb900 c (they also made a cb1000 c in 1983, the last year, be aware they are all shaft drive.) However there is a very interesting article at called ''a cb900 like no other-build-club choppers forum'' that shows how to change it to a chain drive, and it is very simple to do. cb 900 customs and cb1000 customs are not that hard to find relatively cheaply, I've owned a couple my self. Non running ones usually have carb issues because they have non removable float valve seats which get corroded quite easily if allowed to sit any major length of time, but other carbs can be used if your willing to tinker a bit.

    60. Steve Brumbaugh

      Put dirt tires and the turbocharged 420 from the drift trike on the Honda.

    61. Ronald Seabury

      Hire the handicapped because they're fun to watch.

    62. goose278


    63. Daniel Atwood

      You need a CB900F. NOT a CB900C. One is shaft drive. One is chain drive.

    64. C G DIRT

      To bad it didn’t work 😢 you’ll find the right engine for that beast though ... crazy unit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. jedidaddy76

      900 c is dual range transmission it’s a five speed with a high and low range in essence making it a 6 speed. I use to have one and when tuned and jetted are very fast bikes.

    66. Jason Esterhuysen

      Sponsor me the 750 😊

    67. Shane Dog

      How bout that 919 in a Honda Odyssey?

    68. Blake Childs

      Put the Ducati on it

    69. Tanner Swisher

      Put motorcycle wheels on the cross cart I think it would look really good

    70. Karl

      they need to make a jackshaft to make the 919 to work

    71. Damage Inc.

      TV shows change personalities mid stream all of the time. So replace John with Charles permanently. Isaac and Charles work so much better together and actually know what the hell they're doing.. Is john a good Is John a good Is john a good Is john a good All he is is a mouth, and not a great one at that.

    72. john beach

      Look at the way Argo and Max V amphibious vehicles split the power to both sides and copy or scavenge the transmission and build a cart with tracks and a powerful (snowmobile) engine. Never get stuck anywhere again ('till something needs welding lol). Make sure there's enough ground clearance. Hope you will accept the challenge.

    73. john beach

      That engine's destined for another project. It'll be fine Whoop!

    74. Morten Svendsen

      Hi guys, greetings from Norway.🇧🇻 how about for the crosskart 2.0, making a Buggy like the rc Tamiya grasshopper or the hornet, would be sweet. Keep up the good work, love your channel!

    75. John Rusk

      Use the ducati engine for the kroskart

    76. Vacuum powered

      Why not making a “car” with the 919 for top speed?

    77. Jim hill billy

      Build new cross cart with a skied plat may be a for x for one ?

    78. therealracer135

      Why not just move the sprocket on the rear end? Or use a jackshaft? That cross bar that needed to be removed, you could run diagonal bars back to a midpoint of one of the bars up behind the seat or put another bar further up to attach the diagonal bars to. Grind Hard did it with one of the bars in the back of their Odyssey.

    79. Puffalupagus

      @carsandcameras here's an idea: take the motorcycle frame the neck back and make a 3-wheel cart like a T-rex or can-am spyder. That would be super cool to see.

    80. Adrian Hansen

      Why not use a jack shaft

    81. Karl90C1500

      CrossKart2.0 for the win!!!

    82. icy rc

      2.0 all the way dont put the joints on the a arms that low it will get hung up all over the place

    83. Malin Jones

      Can just see ike dont wanna rip that cb apart


      you have to build another kart, after teasing over 100;000 viewers with this engine in a crosskart hahaha, love your show my friends. be safe.

    85. Cody Storkman

      Yall should do a mini cross kart/rock bouncer look!! You could do a 1 or 2 person easily! That way you could do a front or rear engine!

    86. kipster1975

      Rebuild the existing engine?

    87. Kurt Young

      Too bad it doesn't fit.......I was looking forward to this build. Could you build a jack shaft allowing the engine to be centered?

    88. Joseph Glendenning

      i vote yes on the 2.0 crosscart . i love yalls work keep it up .

    89. mcnonnie013

      What about a 2nd drive shift

    90. Lawbreaking Civil disobedience

      Great effort.

    91. John Clary

      Just saying you should copy how sprint cars and midgets use the cage as a big part of the frame and run the top rail from the top of the front hoop of the cage and the top of the rear hoop so your frame will be stiffer by increasing the radius of gyration, which is a technical term for how tall/wide is the frame. Also make the top of the hoops as wide as Ike's shoulders so he can just stand up and get out. You might need to have the steering wheel on a quick release to be able to get the wheel in the right place and get out through the top.

    92. chris armsrtong

      yea that would be cool to build one big enough for Ike then get the new motor for the original one for John and you 2 go for a dual run on a beach or something together XD

    93. Tad Delong

      Heck yeah fellas ! At least try the sled motor. That baby would rip! Just a thought. Ya can build the crqp out of those sled motors as well.

    94. Mike Klecan

      Put the motorcycle back together and make it into a ridiculous dirtbike

    95. Dakota Will

      Ya know at this point I think it's time for a name change guys you should start calling this channel KARTSandcameras lol

    96. Delicious DeBlair


    97. LuckyRosco

      Build the second cross cart to fit Ike.

    98. Brad Taylor

      Skid plate on future engines, otherwise with as low as that frame is, you will be busting another oil pan.

    99. Bigguy11809

      Jack shaft

    100. Mad Mad Matt

      2.0. Here we go!!!