Mini Bike Crankshaft Broke in HALF, Let's Rebuild It! MB-200 BACK FROM THE DEAD!

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    Our Trailmaster MB200 mini bike has hundreds of miles and hundreds of hours on its modified high performance Jiang Dong 196cc OHV engine, and we just broke it's crankshaft in half! In today's episode we completely disassemble the engine, give the block a deep clean, and replace the crankshaft, install a Fire 265 camshaft, add a new rod as well as other bits and pieces. This was not a comprehensive engine rebuild- we should have torn down the engine BEFORE ordering parts, or just bought a new engine to start from. This engine has been abused over the years- ridden hard and occasionally stored in rainy areas.
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    1. jay jay

      That bike is sweet sounds awsome

    2. bug finder

      You should try a rubber mallet when tapping in bearing so you don't damage them. :)

    3. Avrom Crovax

      Oh it'll be fine 🙂

    4. Owen Rutledge

      I sell propane and propane accessories

    5. Balin Weatherhead

      This is probably a weird question but do bikes of this size and age come with titles?

    6. Jon T

      "Shes in there all caddy whompus.." - Charles. Now that should be a shirt lol or a pic of a broken crank with "That IS gnarly" -Ike P.S. Had ZERO idea how to spell that one from Charles lol

    7. ScrappyDog Finance

      This Pair of dudes reminds me of the 2 dudes playing another 2 dudes on a show called Myth Busters, Jamie and whats his name

    8. ScrappyDog Finance

      General Design looks like a clone of a Briggs and Stratton

    9. ScrappyDog Finance


    10. ScrappyDog Finance

      Thats what you get for buying Chinese Junk

    11. Redfish Incorporated

      Ike is starting to like a mujahideen

    12. Jon Colonna

      What's a it nit ?

    13. Mac Thompson

      million subscriber special yall should go on a harbor freight spending spree. spend a few dollars and get yourself a parts washer. shelving, oil cans, little quality of life things like that. i kinda like how your shop looks like a farmers shed, It feels relatable. But I also kinda hate it. I feel like yalls life would be alot easier if you made better use of your space.

    14. wishbone20t

      I am now the proud owner of the broken crankshaft!

    15. Norm Dickson

      If you put your body wait down on the pegs buy standing you will lower your Centre of gravity then start buy shifting your wait from peg to peg and see what the results. Great video guys

    16. Bryson Ford

      Have a big pit bike race

    17. The Butcher BSG

      very nice camera work

    18. jbmckean

      that broken crank shaft will make a good trophy base:P...!!!

    19. 1crazypj

      Use diesel oil, it's always heavy duty and has more zinc than car oils, plus, it's generally cheaper. Around 2010 Shell had Rotella tested for JASO spec and it's now listed as suitable for Japanese motorcycles

    20. Richard Hatt

      Getting over a cold? Covid!

    21. RBLawren63

      Were the parts more than a new engine would've been?

    22. Jeremy Gillespie

      The mini bike was supposed to be done wth

    23. SC Hawk

      Did I see a sasquatch?

    24. Michael Whaley

      Good video guys, just like welding galvanized pipe, you need ventilation. Your stove pipe should be black pipe not galvanized. Keep up the good work! Also did not know Ike was 44

    25. JaosOL

      "if it ain't broke don't fix it" yeah i had to learn the hard way on that, good thing it wasnt on an engine

    26. Will E. M

      1 million subz should be a go kart giveaway with some c.a.c. murch

    27. Adrian Fodor

      I would love to see the ducartie if you guys still have it

    28. Take a stride or Step aside

      Why when I call Go Powersports they say they have no parts for my 170cc 200GKA adult gocart engine thats in my DongFang? Please help...

    29. cliffness420

      Because of the add I refuse to sub 11 add in a 54 min video is to much and I'm not paying for premium. Biden is president now. Where is all the free stuff Socialism isn't it what everybody wanted

    30. shatter boxx twist

      Can go power sports help me in Canada?🤔

    31. Hunter Petrovich

      You guys gotta bring back the og 670...

    32. Austinmax Melton

      Just ordered my stage 1kit for my 212 n a new driven pulley for my Murray

    33. Forrest

      Coming back to this after I just disintegrated a briggs connecting rod

    34. smurf streetking

      Minibike road trip "dumbNdumber style" and finish with a cook out

    35. deathstar562

      is possible to switch a torque convert to chain drive om the megamoto 212cc?

    36. Suit and Die

      Did you also use the brake fluid to lubricate the tap?

    37. ShelbyKingNFS

      AAAAAYYYYY Princess Bride reference! Men of culture I see

    38. Dead Herrings

      Always have a good time here. We have our first of two TM MB200's delivered and running. Second test ride ended in a bent headlight, with mud and grass garnish. Didn't matter. We laugh it off and realize we more mature folks don't bounce so well. I'm 66 and Momma is 56. It's just another adventure. I don't know squat about engines but like the learning experience.

    39. Mike Orange

      Working on a dirty bike with. Out cleaning it it’s a sin

    40. Kevin Humphrey

      That chem dip is junk you want to clean parts and do a nice job get a sonic cleaner & Some assume degreaser or zep citrus cleaner

    41. Jimmy H

      Diesel engine oil isn't zinc free. Delo 400 has zinc

      1. Jimmy H

        Whereas delo 710 is zinc free

    42. Go karting101

      U should’ve put a pred 212 crank in it it makes the 196 a stroker motor

    43. stampy Dragon

      I'd boar out the cylinder on a mill and insert a hardox sleave also id use Honda bond instead of locktite

    44. Me Me

      I have a Baja 200 trail bike is there anyway to change the rear sprocket or front sprocket to make it run faster or what combination would I need

      1. Me Me

        @Isaac it'll be fine It’s factory right now I want to go faster what should I change the front or back in from factory to how many teeth

      2. Isaac it'll be fine

        You should be ablento change either the front or rear sprockets. Either a larger front or smaller rear

    45. keegan langford

      small engines love synthetic oil with lucas zddp additive.

      1. keegan langford

        For the love of God please buy a cheap ultrasonic cleaner off amazon as well lol. You guys clean enough carbs to see the benefits. They clean 100X better than chem dip, and all you need is some water and simple green or pinsol.

      2. keegan langford

        I'm not just talking out my ass either, I rebuild small engines for a living. I've rebuilt countless hondas, kohlers, kawasakis, techumsehs etc...

    46. Tim Foley

      Go to your local feed manufacturer and buy a bag of zinc.

    47. Jon Kastanek

      How much did the three wheeler motor cost

      1. Isaac it'll be fine


    48. demonic477

      I would still order a piston and a set of rings just to finish the build and a set of valve guides wouldn't can call it part 2 of the build / repair for the bike

    49. Enrique Lopez

      Temp sensor would be sweet in that governor hole

    50. chris netherton

      Hi guys! I love your videos! I just wanted to give you a little tip. Even though assembly lube on the piston rings will work, engine oil is much better for seating the rings during break-in. Keep up the good work!

    51. Joe L.

      Hey guys , need cheap mini bike for when I go camping to use on trail between camp sites Joe.... Navy veteran

    52. Lawbreaking Civil disobedience

      Rebuilding better is the only reason not to start completely over new, and its only part of the fun of life.

    53. Nash Paine

      John can’t NOT wreck something they’re riding for the first time even if it’s the first time after putting the engine back on 😂😂😂

    54. Dragon800

      2:37 that was a good guess! I once broke the crank on a triple cylinder snowmobile like that and it still ran to get it home. the timing was way retarded but the way it broke it was able to keep running. I love strange things like that.

    55. three wheela

      I have had they Chem Dip on my hands many times and have very sensitive skin. IT DOESN'T BURN YOU! it's not even as bad for yor skin as as a degreaser. You probably should have just used a degreaser to clean the engine anyway. It would have been cheaper and done a better job.

      1. three wheela

        @Isaac it'll be fine sting? Or actually a chemical burn?

      2. Isaac it'll be fine

        It burned my wrist

    56. Motorsport Diesel

      I do watch you guys very regularly, I will offer a little creative criticism... Why not measure the bore, at all? That is NOT how you hone a cylinder, first you need a rigid back hone that will correct out-of-roundness, second you need to hone at a linear rate that leaves a 30 degree crosshatch for oil retention, with the proper grit of course. Otherwise no oil is contained on the cylinder wall and rapid wear to the piston rings occurs. Did not see if you swapped the rings, but if not its a waste of time to hone. I guess you could have beady ball honed it with your eyes shut, and simply hoped for the best. Sorry I had nothing positive to add, but to point out wrong processes but being a machinist I couldn't help myself. Oh yeah, ATF (automatic trans fluid) works pretty well to hone with and afterwards using it with a good clean rag to clean the cylinder. The high detergent in it really scrubs the fine grit from the honing scratches.

    57. Jeff Killey

      That's a neat old simple go-Kart kinda bike that looks really fun. I'd never seen a little bike like that before honestly. And been around. Rode a lot of bikes! But the bouncy tires and and short suspension make it look like a fun afternoon! And I mean I'm 51 and own a much more complicated bike. STILL! I'd love to play on that Knoby tire bike for an afternoon HAHA!!! It looks honestly FUN!

    58. MrGixxer1300r

      Can I use your honing video to make a video to show people "How not to hone your engine"? You could have cleaned the engine with Simple Green, Use a small 400 grit dinkle ball hone, lubed with motor oil. Don't use wheel cylinder hones on engines.

    59. Paul Hooker

      Flashback to she's got a cam in her!!

    60. Stevie Nevels

      That’s gnarly shirts are definitely in order here

    61. Baden Koch

      Y'all should try and do a predator/tillotson methanoll build for 1 million!

    62. Donald Nunez

      i sub nice vid

    63. michael chatham

      You know you should have a Collab with Matt from Demolition Ranch because he has a bunch of mini bikes and do carts. and they are stock so you could upgrade them for him and make a video about it message him and find out .. andbif worse comes to worse it give you a reason to go toTexas

      1. michael chatham

        It wouldn't be on demo ranch it would be on his second channel off the ranch but you could also be on a demo ranch video you will get to shoot a bunch of guns

    64. Brandon Davies

      Diesel fuel works a little better for honing the cylinder walls.

    65. BIG D'S GARAGE



      Rebuild the track

    67. Bdady74

      The pain on Isaac's face during this "rebuild"...


      Heard this happens when you run no governor 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    69. Dave Kehrer

      I was out getting lunch after a job and saw these kids in the parking lot with their custom go carts and mini bikes ,maybe early junior high . They look like they spent some time on their rides ,some stuff looked like what you guys do . I asked them ,do you ever watch Cars and Cameras on USfilm ? one replied we watch them all the time . You have fans in Gilbert Arizona . It is awesome that you reach these young kids in a very positive way . Kind of reminds me of myself in the 70s building mini bikes from 20 inch bike frames and lawn mower engines with no brakes going down steep hills .

    70. Elver Gudo

      That’s crazy. It had to have been a defect in the material or during manufacturing.

    71. Landon Lovelace

      Is this a Tillotson?

    72. \m/ MayheM \m/

      I can't believe you guys don't already have 1 million subs!

    73. GodschildinNC

      1,000,000 subs = minibikes to Key West. Time to build a two wheel drive minute bike!!

    74. gtaguy23

      no way ike is 44. he doesnt look over 35.

    75. Brian Anderson

      Why don't you ever use that governor hole as a crankcase vent

    76. Sean Forehand

      A FULL half turn.

    77. Fearless Fosdick

      I have found TSC to have the best price on parts cleaner solvent.

    78. Pedro Mota

      My first small engine was a 196cc hisun! Did mild build and don't think I'll get rid of it! Awesome work. Test it for me so I know how much I can add to it lol

    79. Catsindawall PedVv

      If there is a party type thing I definitely would go lol

    80. Eric H

      For the million subscribers pick a random subscriber and do a build with them to give to them at the end.

    81. Niels de Bakker

      Isaac is going hipster.

    82. SawmanM

      You guys should build your selves a lift to work on. You are always crawling around on the floor working. LOL

    83. Razo's Vlogs21

      great vid

    84. Rebel8ball 832

      A Dozen commercials in one video is getting silly

    85. Mopar Matt

      We sell zinc additive at Autozone or vr1 20w50 valvoline is a high zinc oil

    86. willowbrook hermit

      What happened to the 3 for 300 go cart.Have you ever listened to 1 of those big boy videos of go-kart racing.It's for adults only I think Them boys cuss and drive a hangovers

    87. Quetzalcoatl Toltec Sun God

      I don't get why you torque it and then bring it down then go back up because that literally does nothing you are adding pressure releasing pressure and adding pressure back that's all you are doing. I don't even use a torque wrench if it's tight it'll work.

    88. willowbrook hermit

      Bronco Johnny I would have been more proud of you if you would have told Isaak Not to do that rock climb.

    89. Andrew Cash

      i dont see the problem some flex seal and good to go

    90. AndrewD666666

      High ass Issac: i see a cook out. Lmfao

    91. battldoge ur mum

      This is why you don’t buy cheap quick disconnect parts

    92. Justin Deckard

      Wow I dident know Ike was 44 how old is john

    93. Shotby Junebzzy


    94. David Green

      JB weld 🤣🤣

    95. MaNNeRz Laguna

      45:44 you're welcome 😆

    96. simon musicka

      I can not order anything of ur merch as it’s only the us n I’m in Australia

    97. Wolf ._. Pug

      Thank you both for the inspiration IT'LL BE FINE!

    98. keven reed

      Build the four 212s so you can have 80 hp go cart

    99. The Beast From The Southeast

      Did it break the crank again?😮

    100. MaNNeRz Laguna

      That's a new one for me.. a FULL HALF turn 😆😆