Yard Kart Performance Mods | Can we Build a Top 5 Performer for Cheap??

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    We’re modifying our newest yard kart to try to get it into the top five on our leaderboard! Our top five fastest vehicles around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix include the 750cc cross kart, the Grave Ninja 650, and other high powered, sophisticated machines. We think with the proper gearing and thoughtful modifications, we can get this humble OHC 5 horsepower Honda yard kart around the track in a similar time to the high powered machines. We install a live axle kit to get power to the ground, change the gearing, install new and better brakes, space the front wheels out for better stability, and install a Mikuni 22mm carburetor for more power.
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    Heavy duty brake cable: bit.ly/2ZzU5Fc
    Clutch #420 chain: bit.ly/3nBZRmm
    Go Power Sports: goo.gl/c2Tz6o
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      You guys should fill that low spot in the woods with some dirt , so water wont collect right in the middle of the track

    2. k_luv JP

      I wish they wish they cleaned the projects so its more satisfying

    3. Peter Hernandez

      For cheap? That’s hundreds of dollars that was just given to you😂😂😂

    4. Avrom Crovax

      We had a big vbelt double cutch to chain on a live axle n she was pretty nasty

    5. Avrom Crovax

      Yonda Cart round 2

    6. tatwood93

      Should've done a Tecumseh swap then you might get some performance!!

    7. jeff ganoe

      Try dragging large tractor tires behind your kubota to smooth and dry out the track. I do this on my track it helps.

    8. Donald Fuller

      John explain to me how a 14/58 35 chain sprockets is different from a 14/58 410 chain as far as ratio.

    9. pushing limits

      Man Isaac's awesome he really builds best toys

    10. Randy Shaw

      Josh's snorkel the carburetor

    11. Robert Belote

      Yes! bring this back , thats why half us started watching you guys in the first place

    12. Generic John

      Dont get me wrong, this stuff if pretty entertaining, but your mig welder sounds like your volts are a bit too high

    13. David Kelm

      great ! looks like it's fast, you sharted in da seat 🤣

    14. Kurt Young

      This was one of your most fun videos in a long time.......not sure why tho LOL

    15. Rick Glow

      get a dump truck of gravel to throw in that mud hole,

    16. Paul S

      Top Five? Isaacs beard.

    17. LukeTheJoker

      Maybe losing the jackshaft was a bad idea, that gear is still too tall for the track.

    18. Jay Titus

      Where is your holiday burnout? See VGG to see what I mean. Gitter done!

    19. Chris didthat

      Weld the clutch its a lil hard to start but its makes it super fast got to have good brakes but it beat a Chinese 250 dirt bike in a 60ft and a blaster 200

    20. Richard Werling

      Time to cut down some trees....


      18:17 trashbag suit good idear :)

    22. michael chatham

      Why dont you build a Legit racing go-cart 1 that goes on the track...

    23. Jon Lawrence

      So I’m noticing a pattern here lol. Ike tends to flip and roll projects while John seems to like to run into things...🤔

    24. tritowns

      Cover? You mean "safety squink"....


      Math is not you biggest attribute, get that morons

    26. Austin M

      Nice! What length axle did you guys use?

    27. lol chungus

      Do a rail kart!!! Rollcage,seats, lights,train horn

    28. Matthew Guay

      @CarsandCameras. Is there a UNI brand filter that will fit the stock predator 212 carb?

    29. Random Dude

      that "belt system" is a double clutch... should have left it on you would get way better take off without the engine bogging down.. REEEEEEEEE

    30. monkeydude3987

      Nice job on the upgrades, I'm still waiting for the torque converter on there lol

    31. Dirty Dan

      You guys should just get married already.

    32. nan vir

      could you guys do more vids on the manco dingo pls

    33. Racing tractors geek

      Hey I know it’s a really long shower but can you guys do another video on a lawn tractor on building one right now and your guises videos really help

    34. michael kinzie

      Can you do another late night trail ride

    35. Alan Spivey

      I want to see you do it in the dry!

    36. Dave William

      A filter guard might help ?🤔 try some gray foam rubber around it thin layer. Try some red oil to clean air filter.. Check plug heat change spark plug to hotter plug to burn more fuel. Install bigger spark coil on engine..

    37. RZR

      Dang he was scootin

    38. Rick Jones

      put a tc on it please your killing the clutch

    39. willowbrook hermit

      I gets gold fever Wants to go to panda for gold.

    40. YTFB


    41. Jaxon CLARKE

      I guys should get all your toys and line them up and do a race of two at a time and the winner goes on to the next round till there’s one winner

    42. Scrapy 5672

      Just chillin watching Terminator Genisys on TV, USfilm on PC, eating leftover Christmas HAM drinking cold snack.

    43. MiniMoto

      Not going to lie I love Ike's beard

    44. Jeremy Gold

      Time to Bring in a Truck Full off Gravel Fix the Track Don't wait for Mother Nature

    45. Miles Dufourny

      Since that engine was used and abused did you run a compression test on it? You also need to go to a 12 tooth sprocket on the clutch. Acceleration is much more important than top end speed when riding off-road.

    46. NightRiderzCreations

      When is the next busco beach meet

    47. stoned survival 420

      I wonder how fast the trophy Kart will go top speed


      Are you ever gonna fix that 1:13, 1;12, 1:14 hot-lap time issue? lol Love your channel tho seriously guys, keep 'em coming!

    49. chad l

      Best show on USfilm !!!

    50. abensryan

      Build a paved track

    51. TripleHeXclown

      USfilm hit you with 7 ad breaks.. lol

    52. Josh Mitchell

      Wondering if possible what do you think of building front engine fwd cart with rear steer

    53. Frank Carter

      Where's your helmet

    54. Nick Rudd

      Isaac "have you got Nos" DO IT, no one else has so far.

    55. Kevin Sellsit

      Run 13/6.50 6 tires to correct your gearing and reduce rollover issues.

    56. billy jackson

      to get speed and acceleration you need put the big gear on the engine and the small gear on the axle


      Where can I order the front wheel axles from?

    58. Remnant D

      That tree needs to go before someone strikes their gourd on it lol. Looks like a fun cart.

    59. squareonair


    60. Dave Lewis

      You also need to strengthen those flexible steering rods on that front end for better steering control !!!

    61. Chance Walker

      Will yall have a promo code for gopowersports again?

    62. Christopher Haynie

      Check these engins for sale on FB marketplace. facebook.com/marketplace/item/386661509080674/?ref=facebook_story_share

    63. Aaren Frye

      I love the vids merry christmas

    64. John Moses Browning

      and John crashes.... again.

    65. Jason

      Torque converter swap it junk that centrifugal cluch

    66. mikes hobbie's and random stuff

      Step that torque converter up to a 3300 it will help a lot

    67. Big Shawn Dog

      I need that green Kawasaki from a few videos back text on youtube

    68. G56AG

      I must say that your appearance at 22:31 was so pitiful it was hilarious, sorry man! ROFL!

    69. BrapperDan

      That sprocket hub sucks. I bought one for my kx80 go kart build and it’s as tight as it will go and was still moving. Had to put locking collars on both sides.

    70. itskarl1799

      guys need to set up multiple cameras and do some head to head races at the new place.

    71. Jason Rogers

      I want to bring my go-kart and race it on y'all's Grand Prix track I think it would do well

    72. H Garza

      When it dries up I'm predicting a 1:05 - 1:07. I have faith you 2 can pull it off.

    73. Reese Gerlach

      This is so good

    74. Jeff Wiebe

      Lol fart jacket

    75. Magister899

      usfilm.info/fire/g6yQlaBwfpV6vKY/video.html "What was the time?" That's the face of a man who whouldn't give in.

    76. Oscar Thorpe

      what is the powerband like on these small engines? peak power at 4000rpm or there abouts? peak torque at 2500?

    77. Michael Vecchiarelli

      Good show guys,love the video.merryxmas and happy new year,intel next time.

    78. The Eturn

      I really like the engineering @15:27 . . perfect place and attachment of the fuel tank 👍👍 ! 2 thumbs up

    79. Alqu and Rio 1

      I got a 48tooth, clutch, and 5hp and they run great together , they spins back tires of the start.....

    80. Xelsworthx

      You guys should use the 50t with an electrical drill assist. But an extra gear on the sprocket that the drill can run off of a switch to get the tq up!

    81. FJ80Coop

      Merry Christmas y'all !!!

    82. TIM More

      Merry christmas you guys and have a happy new year keep up the great videos thank you

    83. FJ80Coop

      9 tooth clutch sprocket will open up gearing choices a lot making it easier to regear via lower sprocket and also help to put that engine into its best performance range of towards its higher rpms... After I got the carb all tuned and at its peak for that engine...But that's just how I'd have started the gearing process leading up to finalizing the end gearing setup and then shooting for top 5 times... Poor John's gonna be wearing a back support belt before too much longer or walking around hunched over... Lowering tires air pressure may help with steering traction as well as ride quality..

    84. Marc Benigno

      Jets are still clogged on john's run get a ultrasonic cleaner for your carbs

    85. gripchion

      Isaac, John I just opened my Christmas present and tried on my "It'll Be Fine" hat. It's the only the thing I ask for, for Christmas. Love the flex fit. Thanks so much guys. Keep up the great content.

    86. ssplintergirl

      If I can make a PSA, don't leave gas in one of those Chinese Mikunis (Any carb really) because that idle jet likes to clog and is super tiny and hard to clean. You'll end up needing a copper wire small enough just to fit in.

    87. Donnie Fish

      Really do love watching you guys Merry Christmas and God bless🙏❤

    88. Jonathan Turner

      Him and that fucking tree lol

    89. David Bratchie

      Hi happy Christmas to you and your family

    90. Lyle Kehrer

      When y'all do cut the tree down be careful, there just might be a huge magnet inside of it! 😁 Of course, the turn you gotta make right there, plus being muddy.. doesn't help any either.

    91. Markooboy

      22:56...the look on his face is hilarious....thanks for the laugh 😅

    92. Kevin Crawford

      How can i contact you? I have an issue with a predator engine you may have some info about.

    93. ed radtke

      65 tooth sprocket,air filter shield and tear offs.with that plastic cam you need to go to synthetic oil with zddp additive or a high zddp oil like rotella.

    94. Jeff Polsene

      I think no matter what, you need to make one more gear change. If for no other reason just to see the difference. Plus, that will help a bunch when you come out of the woods where it seems to have the most problem regaining speed. Great job, cant wait to see more.

    95. Adam L

      Please keep building these yard karts. There awesome

    96. John Mac Rodman

      I have this same kart! Been wanting to do a live axle and convert it to a center seat

    97. T-Town Mini

      Put a pre-filter over the air filter element to keep it from getting wet/clogged up so fast. Better yet, a foam air filter with a pre-filter is better and, it's easier to clean, too. www.gopowersports.com/predator-performance-air-filter-cover/ outerwears.com/proddetail.asp?prod=5527

    98. WTF SQUASH

      When I was a kid had a cart with two 10hp chainsaw motors on it

    99. WTF SQUASH

      You should put a 10 hp chainsaw motor on a cart

    100. Keith Grant

      That 1000 mile stair was priceless. Poor John has seen some shit after that second run. 🤣