4WD Power Wheels Go Kart Build SEND OFF! Our Bronco Kart is FINISHED

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    Our 228cc powered 4WD Ford Bronco power wheels go kart is finally finished! We trim and fit the body, build a new better looking exhaust, and go for a test drive! This project proved to be challenging because the vehicle is so small, but I think it was worth it in the end. The looks are killer, the acceleration is potent, and the handling is decent (after fine tuning our steering).
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    1. ScrappyDog Finance


    2. HD MAN

      Nice beard

    3. ed werts

      I think you guys should open an actual race dirt track on the property for go karts or race mowers. I used to race go karts on a dirt track here were i live and i was a blast. I never won any trophies i wrecked more than anything lol

    4. Hebu The Lone Wolf

      larger size chassis would be nice. like a go kart with those wheels and and springs

    5. Diesel Customs

      John is like lsaac’s son he wears the gloves but doesn’t do anything

    6. Rand Bradbury

      Loved this build. I wish Isaac used diamond plate for the floor pieces that connect the two plastic body panels. That would've looked great. Maybe do rock crawl gearing for the revival video in two years? It'd be hilarious to watch that little suspension work over some rocks.

    7. James Jones

      Seeing off set channel lock pliers used on a hex nut drives me crazy. A man is only as good as his tool!

    8. Justin Goin

      You guys should build a big tire rat rod cart or a shopping cart go cart and great finish to the build thanks for the content

    9. Felix Ferreiro

      Man you don't have ideia how much i like to find problems and projects mistakes , but this One have a Big BIG PROBLEM , ITS NOT MINE !!!!!!!!! TO FIX THAT HUGE PROBLEM SEND IT TO ME AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT 😂

    10. Cody Smith

      I see those Tillotson blocks I race dirt karts I still have one i havent used im Not excited to use it because I popped a motor but positive about a cast brace block

    11. geremi walubengo

      whaaaat! issac's beard

    12. daniel Imbriaco

      turn it upside down:the exaust

    13. ben halstead

      Maybe it's just me but anybody else thinking this would look really painted up as kenny gogo action bronco from south park

    14. Ozark prepper

      What a blast. I thought for sure you were going to fly out when you jumped it. And I agree with you. You could lengthen it but that would defeat the whole purpose of the build.

    15. DusterNutbar

      Nothing but ads.. good lord 🤦‍♂️

    16. Kaiden Meeker

      Bro I’ve been watching y’all come so far! Please keep making great videos they always make my day

    17. Dragon Rider

      Been watching since before rat rode wagon

    18. Dylan Campbell

      Only 47k to go till a mill been here since you guys were at 50k lol

    19. rtm IV


    20. Kyle Litman

      I'm convinced issac is the voice for hank from king of the hill dam it Bobby hahaha

    21. Max Taylor

      Grave bronco

    22. Donald Jones

      I know you mention it from time to time but what is the rust converter paint you use?

    23. LightcapMath

      Fruition...love it

    24. Cruzerlou Outdoors

      You csn use aviation wire or bailing wire to secure the header wrap. That's what I did on my TT500.

    25. Troy Tubbs

      You know what we need is a mini mud truck on 37” BKT’s!! That’s what we need

    26. TM Productions

      I made a new account and totally missed yall the last year im so glad you guys are still doing this I've been a fan since day one yall take ❤

    27. Nick Jordan

      An idea build something with a snowmobile motor I'm working on a go-kart it's a one-wheel peal. Doing a live axle where's the snowmobile motor

    28. james games

      I think it would be awesome if you guys made a Mini monster truck semi out of the mack anthem power wheels and put a 10hp motor in it please if you see my comment please heart it it would make my day keep up the great builds I'll always be a subscriber

    29. Red S0vietArtilery

      I want you to duel with plumbing co

    30. Nitrous Boyz

      Sounds lean @ top end

    31. Rich Morgenstein

      4 wheeler frame pretty much? power wheels top on it?

    32. Russ Burton

      sharing your videos in my group fabrication nation on facebook cause love your work and gve you more exposure?

      1. Russ Burton

        like your advice on wrapping headers cause guys in my other group Triumph choppers like the advice

    33. Toast

      I'm sure you guys remember the tank at Mini Mayhem Spring 2019, right? so hear me out... there's a Power Wheels tank... I think you guys know where I'm going with this lmao

    34. Matthew McWhorter

      jet kart

    35. Stuart Marshall

      Y'all nailed the suspension design. Looks like a professional Baja truck in miniature floating over those bumps.

    36. kelly hanning

      Stick to gokarts

    37. Jerry Matthews

      You guys built a very cool little Bronco, good video!!

    38. don seymour

      Awesome build Gentlemen, new sub here. Go small or Go Home...

    39. T R Games

      What speedometer app do you use?

    40. Chris Crom

      You guys should build a toy hauler

    41. DJ Studios

      Build an exotic super kart

    42. Big Adub

      NO MUFFLER !!

    43. Angel Lopp

      3 wheeler to mini bike or a 2 wheel drive mini bike

    44. Drop Point

      Really nice i would like to put in a request for you to build alternate styles of body for this from sheet metal make you a homemade planishing hammer from an air chisel and a diy english wheel and then you can curl up your mustaches and make some fenders and body panels build it off a golf cart frame maybe put in a 750 bike engine or whatever make it look like a 80s short bed chevy cut out a peice of bed floor from a real truck to get the ribs lol good god i could go all day man i would love to toss you some ideas that you might consider . great video👍 oh and on the bronco i was going to say you should make a ram scoop that covers the top and serve as a shield for a little protection for the driver from the engine compartment.

    45. Z

      Lol I saw the face on john for the cover of the video and I had to watch it

    46. Spoopss

      pov wrench is epic

    47. Brian Hanel

      When are you guys going too grow up

    48. Chase Mahaffey

      Ok blow this comment up if u agree they should make a big project with big power and a 2 seater for more fun

    49. Bikes, boards and backflips

      You should build a stand up gas motor scooter with 15 inch wheels

    50. Remnant D

      I wouldn't call it easier, but if you soak that heat wrap in water it'll go on a bit better at least that's how I've seen it done.

    51. WildBill413

      Flip out foot pegs, or side bars with expanded metal for your feet outside the body for when things go super fast would make that ridable by taller folks. The steel building on the ground looks good! The 212 mini modified replica drift racer on my channel did 43 Mph on the public street, glad it has a cage going that fast...

      1. WildBill413

        The 212 mini modified replica drift racer on my channel did 43 Mph on the public street, glad it has a cage going that fast...

    52. MIKER

      Ike gots fur.....

    53. Cray

      make a race track too. race all the creations youv'e made see which one is the fastest

    54. Cray

      Use Both of the Mofler's make it Dual Exhaust

    55. James Kennedy

      Do another turbo build!!

    56. Henry Dycha

      I wish I could swap my Evo bike into something like this, can't ride two wheels anymore. Cause my health.

    57. Papa Clod-hopper

      For wrapping pipes like that. I put one end of the wrap in a vice. Then start wrapping and you can pull your pipe away from the vice to tighten it as you simply rotate your pipe.

    58. Terry Dacus

      Did anyone else see the building materials in the yard

    59. Jordan Wynne

      the pov is a good angle

    60. Casper Högbäck

      put a hood pipe on it then it wont be in the way the and it look cool then

    61. chase thomasson

      Pov wrench it good sir

    62. Nickelodeon

      Issac reminds me of Ricky Bobby If ya ain’t 1st your last

    63. Elixir Fn

      Bring back the dragster plz

    64. netwt42oz

      I've been watching since the very first go cart video you ever made!

    65. Mr. Braapalicious

      you did a really fun build and looks absolutely a blast to drive! Great Jobs boys. 👍😲✌️

    66. Mark Daywalt

      ike what are you hiding your face is enlarged on one side

    67. Ricky White

      Or a harley davidson powered three wheeler

    68. Ricky White

      Harley Davidson powered mini sand rail

    69. TeamPikaWWG

      Make a shopping cart go cart please 😂

    70. Xeanus

      Just tape the camera to the wrench problem solved

    71. Dragon800

      i like the pov. i like it in other types of videos too :D

    72. Jason Tucker

      I need a casket cart for the hearse!.... lol

    73. cade webster

      Build a drag mini bike with a big engine

    74. Randy Woodward

      Put your on your hat

    75. dooman700

      Header wrap over rated

    76. dang gang

      you guys oh do i have a build for you, build a crosscart nascar

    77. franko send it

      Look at that u just beat the latest charger blazer and Ford's bronco

    78. brian daum

      you guys mite want to get a hat for mounting a go pro for P.O.V work

    79. Brian Dinges

      Head mount for a gopro would make a better POV wrenching experience.

    80. jane faulkner

      How about fitting a back rest to it, you could make it look like a headrest, and won't feel so sketchy over jumps.

    81. Walker

      Ok... but what if they make a Kei Car

    82. Tom Petramanos

      How does isaacs beard make him look younger

    83. J Irvine

      I need that E46 Wagon

    84. Jacob Armstrong

      If you dip muffler wrap cloth in water, like set the entire roll In a bucket of water then put it on wet and leave it to dry it’s easy to mold and gets tighter as it dries

    85. Austin Charles

      You guys should swap a quad engine into a yerf dog style frame and lift it for bigger tires and better suspension

    86. Pianeas 701

      Just buy a quad!

    87. Joey Hopkins

      Would love to see an off-road lawn tractor build, this thing is awesome

    88. Chris hilder

      Build another drag cart or bring the old one back!

    89. Garth Kerr

      I think it would be pretty cool to see you two build a rock crawler 🤔

    90. Quentin Pratt

      They have finally accomplished the perfect suspension

    91. Reitzy B

      Y'all should build a small pickup truck with a predator engine in it...thatd be pretty cool...with a stereo and use the original gear box 4 or 5 speed...ive seen a kid do it long ago on the USfilm....i may even try and do it...itd be awesome out at my buddys property...find like n old mid sized truck n do it...aint gotta be fast just functional

    92. Shawn Waters

      I found the next project for you gentlemen... watch a movie called silver bullet made in 1985. 30 minutes in the movie u will see what I'm talking about

    93. Extreme atv offroad

      nice 👍

    94. Extreme atv offroad


    95. Troy Thornburg

      Do a mini chopper motorcycle!!

    96. Syrus Berman

      What is your opinion on a 22 or 24 hp vertical engine with 7 inch pulley on front and 3 inch on the rear axle on a 1991 5 speed sears craftsman the original one was an 11 hp briggs

    97. RedBeardJoe

      Locost 7 with a busa or a ducati

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      This is totally starting to look like grind hard plumbing channel

    99. GearHead Garage

      Build something similar to the power wheels but build it around one of the fiberglass body's you have

    100. Kevin Logan

      Y’all should build a full blown 420 stretched CT200U drag bike