$50 Go Kart Build 2.0!!

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    Ike bought a $50 go kart! Can we make it run and ride for minimal investment? In today's episode, we do a follow up build to our original $50 go kart build video from years ago. Can you still buy a decent go kart for $50? This one wheel drive vintage Streaker go kart has a late model Jiang Dong 196cc overhead valve engine that isn't running. With a little bit of cleaning and under $50 worth of parts, we make this rusty old go kart run and ride!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Ultimate Squanch

      lol I've got a strangely large collection of extremely dirty carby bowl pictures from work... i would take a picture and show the customer

    2. Ray Bunton

      It'll turn better to the right than left

    3. Loop Koop

      I had one just like that as a child just worse shape kill switch in the middle below steering wheel that thing went through hell lol

    4. k_luv JP

      Please more revival videos

    5. P.C. Racing

      I need a helmet like anyone have a link thanks

    6. Danny Harris

      Hey guys I have won those old Murray go karts. And has a 6.5 hp Tecumseh. Are there performance parts for the Tecumseh the engine? Or parts from another type of engine that will fit on it?

    7. Daveyo747

      If I were you fix up that Go Kart and put safety in it, make it look nice and donate it on a raffle or hold a neighborhood party and those that bought tickets use a stub with the number on it and have the winner get a trophy and donate the Kart & proceeds etc for some kid who has no real family and is homeless etc. At least brighten up his life a little Ok. Just a suggestion.

    8. Lee Lane

      I just bought a Streaker Pace Setter that looks more like a Manco. It has duel disc brakes and a live axle with big at looking tires on back. It had that same weird torque converter a 5hp. Briggs. Iโ€™m fixing up right now, my first ever go kart at age 65. Btw streaker was made by Ken-Bar Corp. which I believe Manco may have bought out, but not sure.....love yaโ€™llโ€™s show.

    9. Hayden my fav 2021 E63s

      I got a 206 cc racing go kart I need to get a new clutch, big tooth 69 gear, front suspension, steering system. Wanna know why??? Because when I was going into the apex corner at imi speedway. At high speed my wheel flew off I'm kart fell to the floor my clutch broke somehow and I spun into the dirt. Now I have to check the entire kart and inspect and fix everything. Ugh

    10. dirtbikeboy66

      These guys should build a junk minibike out of all there rusty parts laying around.

    11. Justin Goin

      Isaac in a one wheel peel they just donโ€™t go well together ๐Ÿ˜†

    12. Sylvia Gonzalez

      The hideous high garlic whitely reduce because baritone incidentally fancy along a smiling cable. unique, common shrine

    13. Nick Lawrence

      You could tell ikes still mad about his go kart ๐Ÿ˜‚


      Hey I actually have 2 streekers one was extended to fit me at 6,1 luckily and the other is not extended but has a 5.5 brigs and the throttle cable is welded angle iron no joke and it's live axel it was given to me by an old woman and she says it's about 20-25 yo

    15. Owen Barnacle

      hey I love this idea, but where do you find something like this? I've checked FB marketplace and kijiji but i can never find one for 50 dollars or even close.

    16. Avrom Crovax

      Had a streaker 2.... it was a 2 seater with full rear axle.... we cut n lengthened it centered the wheel made it singe seat... flipped it then put a roll cage on it lol

    17. Avrom Crovax

      Bro you could've so trashed both your legs bad

    18. Avrom Crovax

      The moth-cart

    19. ian thomas

      DUDES,, love the channel. use to have a cart real similar in the early 70's,pretty sure we got it from popular mechanics, Came with briggs engine, 3.5 hp. I think with delivery it was 65.00 bucks,that was a few moons ago though, local cops use to try and catch us ,never did!! they just found out our addresses and wait at our house with MOM yellin you dam kid get back here LOL. TERRORIZING THE HOOD AT 11,GREAT FUN!!!!!

    20. jusride7

      Aloha braddah

    21. jusride7

      She bang!

    22. Adrian Roberts

      just extend the frame

    23. ShiinaBeats

      Try to find something under 100โ‚ฌ in germany....




      So having a Big diameter in the back makes your card faster acceleration but lower top speed?


      This video is nice























    38. Names Bones

      They did come with a tecumseh 6 hp I had one ended up putting a predator 212 on it and putting the original on a Japanese mini chopper

    39. Remady

      That go kart was waiting years for someone to yank on its cord

    40. Jack Seliskar

      $50 is a good deal

    41. free thinker

      A go cart that was running on snuff spit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    42. Cyber Bart

      Ike: Doc can you get rid of the pain but , keep the swelling ?

    43. Mike Hohrein

      They have bad energy towards each other at times anyone else pick that up

    44. stampy Dragon

      They were a kit cart not commonly sold I. The us tho some kits were imported they were a kit where you supply your own engine

    45. Nathaniel Gustin

      Because if a kid crashes it, it wonโ€™t destroy the steering.


      Runs on mothonol

    47. XLandmarkSix69X

      7:43 looks like pure melted chocolate

    48. ThemTXHallBoys

      you KNOW it's bout to get real real when IKE pulls his phone out of his pocket.....he's going the distance...he's going for SPEEEEED....

    49. Anthony Brown

      Got a question? How much are race car body amusement park gocarts worth? I recently bought a webber racer single seat plastic full body. I can not find one anywhere to get a idea of value. It is built big and like a tank. In great condition just needs a little sanding and paint. Runs and drives.

    50. john beach

      Must be a male moth. High octane moth's balls lol

    51. john beach


    52. Majster Sztyk

      Max speed?

    53. Sawyer Bennett

      You should lengthen it and put live axle

    54. Eroc

      Stretch the frame

    55. HellishGrin460

      If mothballs kill engines, the moths must revive them!

    56. Renard Shotter

      Sketchy at best new and bigger tires ๐Ÿง

    57. Renard Shotter

      You guys really need to check all the fluids before starting an engine ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคข

    58. Hunter Dukes

      It 1900

    59. Hunter Dukes

      And I'm 12

    60. Hunter Dukes

      I used to have a go-kart like that but it got stolen

      1. Colby Barbour


    61. Thomas Wright

      I know they used to sell those at Western Auto.

    62. Don Bartley

      Sears sold them in the 70s along with easy rider minni bikes came with a 3hp tucumci engine

    63. earl steves

      50$ go cart 2.0 ( You c$@%s are sooo funny. Keep up the great content.

    64. the sparkpplugman YouTube channle

      I bet you guys to put 10 inch bike tires on the diesel go-kart

    65. Christopher G

      Hey yall, I have a Streaker frame very very similar and haven't been able to find any helpful info about it on Google. My frame is a bit different but I got a few questions and was wondering if y'all might be able to help answer some of them?

    66. Content

      Those juangdong engines last forever. you can leave them sitting without oil changes for years and they still start right up

    67. Maverick nonconformist

      You guys need a sonic cleaner.

    68. Cam-Am Auto parts

      Got thing goin on fossel fuil

    69. chisel_Head

      I had the same go-kart in 1978 and mine had a 5hp Briggs & Stratton with a centrifugal clutch and by far the clutch was the worst. It was new in 1978 and I think it was bought at Western Auto.

    70. thefrefdood

      Pleas make "It was running on dep moth man" a tee shirt.!!

    71. Steven Valengavich

      i remember when the first $50 go kart was new, holy moly

    72. Xavier Xi

      How to Build a Go Kart for $50? 1. Get a $100 go kart from your friend for $50. 2. Get some sponsors to give you a couple hundred bucks of freebies,. 3. Buy a few things from the hardware store or wherever and just don't include the cost in the tally.

    73. Carlos Canela

      Y does ike look like captain price๐Ÿ˜…ifukyk

    74. Iantheodd1

      My friend has the same go kart and it is terrible

    75. DON W

      The funniest 2 builders on USfilm.

    76. S DOT 1

      Drinking game!!! Take a SHOT every time u hear them say this!! "It's will be fine" "Testing purposes only" "Thank you go power sports" "Really like your guys channel!!

    77. Brody Jo

      Make it into a barstool kart lol

    78. William Stamper

      I think the streaker carts were available at montgomery wards in the 1960's.

    79. Z 732

      Hey .. tech tip. Easier to make a lock nut .. if its small enough, hit the threads with a flat blade screwdriver. If its big, use a chisel. Just ding one thread. Thats all it takes. If you ding two, its still okay. One relatively gentle whack and its a done deal. That way this is not flying randomly and dangerously all over the room. Js

    80. G's up, hoes down!

      Typical that dumb USfilmrs say they get something for less to nothing, common be real! What are you trying to prove?

    81. chuk101

      Just saw a 1968 stayr puch haflinger in a vid, is that something you can replicate on a gokart frame?

    82. Kyle Lucas

      Going between that stump and log on that U-turn

    83. AlaskaFearfulTV


    84. jaa joo

      Last year when i bougth my first car fiat 127 the owner said it runs poorly well it ran on 3cyls and i bougth it replaced the plug wires and cleaned the carb it had allmost a cm of weird sludge that was kind of like cement and replaced the accelerator pump film and it has been running ever since

    85. DoItMyself

      A good friend always makes sure you are okay, and then proceeds to laugh uncontrollably. Loved it!

    86. RedneckSwede

      Jiang Dong. Nothin' like some good ol' chinese Creole.

    87. lobmin

      Nine ads....really?

    88. Antonio Rivera

      Awesome video guys ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปjust love all your go kart builds you guys sure know how to have fun ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปtake care be safe

    89. Pat Davis 2403

      the first c&c video i ever watched was the og 50 dollar go kart. that was FIVE years ago. dear lord....

    90. Info Warlock

      ............ CREEEP................

    91. John Hiebert

      in 1980 I got the same go cart from susuki dealership for the kids. I paid 450 dollers.

    92. Joaquin Juarez

      WOW. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. I'm really jealous that you can find go karts that cheap. Down here in Houston Texas, you can't even find a frame for less than a couple of hundred.

    93. Owen Kotal

      looks like there's enough room in back for another engine, you should make a 2 engine 2 wheel drive kart


      You should get an ultrasonic cleaner from harbor freight to clean carbs.

    95. Fivespeed 302

      Dang, you already had the carb off, you should have cleaned it completely and saved yourself some time.

    96. Denninarrar


    97. Christopher Jankens

      Bye the miter was made for power washers and lawnmowers I actually have the same moter on my poer washer

    98. Zachariah Hammond

      i buy for my kid want a go kart

    99. Adam White

      Rope extensions I'm dying that's great. Motivated...

    100. Mitchell Huse

      one wheel peel all the way