4WD Power Wheels Go Kart gets New Suspension + Gearing! 228cc Ford Bronco Build

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    We're getting close to completing our Tillotson 228cc powered 4WD power wheels go kart! In today's episode, we change the final drive gear from top speed to more acceleration. We also change the shocks, stiffening them up for a firmer and more controllable ride. We'll be painting this project soon, and it'll be complete!
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Jerry Wall

      Please sell it to me for my son :(

    2. Henry Escat

      Put some padding squares in your back pockets.

    3. kipster1975

      Is your gas cap vented?

    4. Nanhat

      That thing looks like it wpuld be so fun to rip around

    5. Zac Wittenauer

      How much will one of theses cost

    6. hoi nee niet jij


    7. djshnibz

      Nice wood stove! You guys should post content on a b channel or Ike’s channel when you add tools or gear to the shop. Just random vlogs

    8. michael chatham

      Put a couple layers on the seat you have a whole role sitting right behind you when you testing the seat ....

    9. Duner250R

      Still To Tall

    10. bruno barks

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    11. game addict

      My new favorite quote “ HEY, you better take it easy”

    12. D Jaquith

      Looks like the perfect tiny thing to make you a quadriplegic.

    13. Forza

      Siiiiick but grind hard plumbing does it best

    14. back road legends garage

      i wish i had the money to do what yall do i love small engine carts but i don't but anyways keep up the good work yall I love the content if i could i would buy merch but i just cant have a good day yall you guys our awesome

    15. SY Syreni

      Cars and Cameras world headquarters 228 Hampton Dr Washington, NC 27889,United States

    16. Will Sullivan

      You should try changing the front gearing so it overdrives the rear. Drop like 3 teeth on the driven side of the front sprocket set

    17. Dax Carr

      It’s funny you should mention a Ford Pinto my uncle had one back in the late 70s early 80s that would be exact same color as your bronco power wheels Build it was the wagon with a little circular window at the back of it on either side

    18. rotakid13b

      Oh god ike your HIII YAAAH in the background and johns reaction this part of the video ive replayed several times and evertime I think of this part even at work I giggle violently

    19. Scott Haggard

      We also have a street legal 1600cc dual carburetor 3 wheeler vw that's been In our family for 30 yrs need sum advice

    20. Scott Haggard

      I have a leather sewing machine please contact me

    21. Scott Haggard

      Is ike for rent lol

    22. Scott Haggard

      I need Issac I got a 750 Yamaha shaft driven trophy truck needs Issac to help with carbs an alinement

    23. atomiccat2002

      I wonder if you could mount a disk brake from a bike somewhere on it

    24. Pat Alexander

      If you move the rear upper shock mounts further up the chassis, closer to the fuel tank, it will also stiffen up and give you more articulation. You want a resting positive rake so it’s somewhat level while one of you are riding.

    25. Rodney Mathews

      Id run red shocks on the rear and blacks on the front your body weight is above and behind the rear axle

    26. Roo The conqueror

      adds touke tought tourqu

    27. hunter Wagar

      Sick beard

    28. Shane Stookey

      Will it three wheel turning the other way?

    29. David Kelm


    30. Nathan Lovern

      Are you gonna make a cover for the torque converter to keep water and mud off the belt?

    31. dave jack

      GO REDS OR GO HOME!!!!

    32. Tom Maxey

      what happen to the used coffin go cart build idea?

    33. Lukeman 1026

      I don’t know if you guys saw my last comment but the dirt bike is apart in Tupperware containers and it’s is complete

    34. Lawren Wimberly

      the old Yamaha Vmax you sat on top of the gas tank on as well

    35. MATT BOYD

      Dude looks like his on cocaine all the time not

    36. nuclear warhead

      Try making a drift mini bike

    37. Justin B

      Lol get a sponsor from the "egg sitter" and glue one of those on there.

    38. Dave Lewis

      Use 2 pieces of the seat cushion !!!!!

    39. Nearly Cris

      id like to see y'all make a mini tank from scratch.

    40. Sway Sway

      Would be a cool idea to turbo one of your builds

    41. ned032002

      "40 weight...50 weight..." lol

    42. Dopey Tripod

      you just want to be like 1Puglife

    43. HotRod Road King

      Ike grows beard, john does too!

    44. Rif263

      Cut it half and longer the body, this branco is already cutted in half so it doesn't matter. It would be much more comfy

    45. Kleenhall

      Stand the rear shocks vertically they will be stiffer. Your ratio is terrible

    46. locomojo0485

      I find a memory foam mattress topper makes a great seat. Found one at salvage store. Can do lots, idk 20 seats.


      You should install bump stops. Every time you bottom a spring it weakens it.

    48. RC Dude 02

      Who could’ve predicted difficult steering with a locked front axle🤔🤔

    49. CaneAtvse

      The seat padding even matches the bronco body. I'm sure your buttocks will thank you 😂

    50. A vines

      John dye your beard red and you will look like Yukon Cornelius on Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Lol

    51. scuzzjumper

      Rock crawlers are cool but, so are Formula Offroad!

    52. chris macphee

      They have beards now what😲, Isaac used to look like will Farrell now he looks like Micheal from gta

    53. Mitch Lec

      How many times do you have to say how disappointed you are that the sprocket is heavier.. Say it once and move on, no point in just bitching about it aboug how John ordered it and you wish you would have known about it. Try it out and if the gearing is good, then remove and set it on the lathe, case closed.

    54. Junkyard Digs

      2:28 was probably me sending another snapchat of a Honda ATC 😂😂

    55. Tyronne Hamilton

      Don’t know if you are aware that you are missing lug nuts on your front axle don’t want y’all guys getting hurt.

    56. Ashton Crow

      You could always double your foam! Looks great y’all

    57. SportbikerNZ

      The worse the advice, the more thumbs up clueless people who think it sounds smart will give the comment.

    58. Emery Cottle

      You should make an extension for the steering wheel, so that it will be a little bit more comfortable

    59. Dean Napoli

      I am working on adding a stage 1 to my baja minibike. Do I need a catch can or only a 12 mm breather filter?

    60. J

      Haterrade bottle

    61. Lazarus the Atv

      I wonder if the frame twisted with the rear axle arms attaching to the center crooked

    62. SIEpower

      It's better to be lucky than good lol

    63. YT_Gunna_ 11

      Hey I love y'all Channel an i wanted to know what could i get online for my 2 212preadtors engines like what are some good mods

    64. Dewey Robert

      I had a speck of chocolate on my screen and it looked like John had a missing tooth

    65. Creator 262

      If john would open his purse now and then they could get a sealed hydraulic disc brake setup.

    66. brap wellsbound

      Needs more power 💪🤘😎 can't even do a wheelie 🤣

    67. Robert Belote

      Omg, thats what she said to like 80% of this video lol

    68. 614 outback boys

      Hey i have a question and since i been watching you guys for a while and it has inspired me to start getting into go-karts and trail bikes and pocket bikee and was just wondering what would be a engine around the $60 mark if its possible to get pointed in the right direction thanks in advance

    69. 304renegade

      I sure hope you guys are getting a ton of ad revenue (I seriously do, no sarcasm) because I got like 4 ads before the 13 min. mark.

    70. B thornton

      Ike when you going to build something big enough you can ride ?

    71. Mark Rowe

      Great job guys!

    72. David Lawson

      That's almost a four-wheeler without the body on it :)

    73. wanting awinner

      damn it i wanted to see the test drive,

    74. Hurricane Hayden

      OK that’s good I love you guys and I don’t want you guys getting hurt

    75. Plowboy 78

      Just too small but it’s cool anyway


      ''So you can feel it, it's stiffer'' ?

    77. Brandon H

      Changing the sprocket in the front makes more change then the rear sprocket. I think it’s like 4 to 1.

    78. NotEnoughTime11

      Lol! 1:42 into the video. And BOOM!?!? A freaking Commercial! You guys are greedy.

    79. Ato. B

      you probaby need a swaybar or something to limit the lean while cornering

    80. StupidEarthlings

      Shoupd be stretched. The body is in pieces anyway, not sure why it had to be so small. (Other power wheel builds are also stretched, btw.) ;)

    81. Stanton Taylor

      Your gear ratio and top speed is a math problem, not a guessing game. The answer is beyond me though.

    82. Josh hedlund

      Dang you should name the channel two guys two beards 😂

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      It would be a pinto im crying as soon as the vid starts well I'll be🤣

    87. Bob Vance

      The Leading Edge should be attached permanently then the band will go around to the top and that's where you attach the cable so as you apply the brake it will tighten itself. That break probably won't do much good

    88. PIGGEH deluxe

      you guys really need swaybars back and front :D love the build

    89. Bradley Flood

      Build a cart with a Harley sportster engine

    90. Phillip Pray

      Drill speed holes in the hub.

    91. ALZX

      next build make another trophy truck but use a 970cc honda v twin, try to make it as good as the motorcycle engine but using a sideshaft engine and this 4wd setup

    92. Ervin Goertzen

      It looks like the rear shocks are laying down too much, less effective

    93. Whiteboy Steve

      This thing would lose a race to grind hards slowest build

    94. Jim Hetrick

      You guys ever argue? I feel like theres some fist fighting going on behind the scenes sometimes.

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      My wife has a message for Isaac, " Isaac, sugar, the beard must go." and, "Great vid, y'all!"

      1. btaylo18

        Makes him look older. I like the young Isaac look

      2. Shane Fritts

        Naw beards are awesome

    96. Renard Shotter

      You need to get a electric carving knife for cutting foam it works great 👍

    97. littleyard small pasture

      I live near a gravedigger and im almost certain hes got a channel but I like the bronco more. Its a backwoods boy kinda thing lol

    98. Dan F

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    99. Wade Maharg

      Why not drill and dimple that sprocket to get the weight out of it?

    100. Carson Gwin

      Get a steering universal from a Yamaha Rhino or sxs. They have very sharp angles factory.