4WD Bronco Power Wheels THRASH TEST! 228cc Stroker Top Speed Run, Jump Test, Hot Laps!

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    In today's episode of CarsandCameras, we put our custom build Power Wheels 4WD go kart in a series of stress tests to see if it holds up! Our 4wd system runs through mud like a dream, and our custom independent front suspension and trailing arm rear suspension soaks up bumps and jumps like it's nothing. We put the power wheels go kart on the CarsandCameras Grand Prix, and set a time to put on the leaderboard!
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Boris Karloff

      You gotta be kidding me with all those toys and power wheels. Big haul

    2. Alasdair

      I just hope I never see the day that vice gets fully bolted down...

    3. Tony Hertzler

      We're losing her! LMBO!

    4. A M

      That steering isn't very responsive

    5. Ahrn Nilsson


    6. Benny T

      Why do they have so many powerwheels?

    7. MATEO

      Hiii,plis subtítulos in spañish

    8. Go karting101

      It’s the main jet

    9. samuel berard

      The sketch ahaha 🥰🤗

    10. instrumental songs

      Royalty free music for filmmakers: www.pond5.com/pt/artist/julianohippie

    11. William Chester

      Where the hell did all those power wheels come from

    12. Rob Carey

      You guys are goofballs LOL😂😂

    13. Oskar Johansen Solli

      Can you do diesel engine on mini bike??

    14. klx zay bro 111

      pls buy a 300$ dirt bike from amazon and modify it

    15. Justin Goin

      Love the channel John and Isaac but I was wandering how is your customer service with go power sports cause there reviews and online are comments that are saying there scamming people and are super unhappy with them and if it was just a couple people you know trolls is what I thought but there thousands people what are your unsponsored opinion cause you guys are promoting them I know probably wrong platform to ask but curious

    16. Phil Victor

      Dude get the black ram truck that was there

    17. james uitich

      Who knows where I can get the steering wheel?

    18. Joshua Vallot

      yall r goofy, good to see yall having fun though!

    19. MagPel

      New subscriber here. Really love your content. I suggest you fix the playlists for the channel. As a new guy it's really hard to navigate if you want to follow an old project (like the drag rail for example) from start to finnish/up to date.

    20. 246 Car Review

      Who remembers when car and cameras was just a review channel 😎👌 only reall ogs remember ❤

    21. Naaraaja

      Not many can say "pop the hood and I'll check the belt" on a DIY go kart.

    22. VM

      After the Trophy Kart Build, I'm suggesting the snow mobile engine on a custom off-road Reverse Trike

    23. Steven Brown

      Do you have a body frame to sell

    24. 09 Shrimpboy

      Since y’all don’t really use the rail how about you do a crazy build and swap a inline 6 of your choice that’d be amazing (ps you probably not gonna see this)

    25. Fuck You

      Pls keep doing what you do EVEN IF YOUR VIEWS GO DOWN Your both legends

    26. Alex R

      You guys should purchase some new gokarts that are on the market and test them

    27. Jared Mobbs

      Is the gas tank vented?

    28. DrJman's Place

      After the emergency operation, that Bronco has potential for some power. Well played.

    29. Wyatt Foster

      Buy some comet belts boys

    30. David Abella

      Tarantino is jealous.

    31. dan's daily blog channel

      Nothing like running the engine as lean as can be #LeanIsMean

    32. Kyle Spivey

      who th has that many power wheels

    33. ian builds

      can those silly little vacuum fuel pumps really flow 28 hp???? a motor like that has to be fuel hungry... more powerful/advanced spark might be a good idea too if tightening up spark plug gap has a good effect at high rpm i'd look to upgrading the coil but i'd bet my bottom dollar a gravity feed tank would work better than that lol..

    34. ian builds

      eerie is definitely the word for powerwheels graveyard...creepy? wierd?

    35. Owen Bame

      I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school

    36. Dj Teno

      omg that was crazy.. lmao

    37. Bradley Nevills

      Do yall have a tank vent

    38. Michael H

      It might be neat if y'all could make it a dual exhaust by splitting it up near the start of the header... You could route it in separate direction pretty long with whatever bends and you'd still have better flow right?

    39. The Redneck Bros.

      i think that intro takes the cake out of all intros!

    40. NorCal Hobbyist

      Did you guys put a vent on the custom gas tank? It might be getting a negative preasure as it sucks fuel out...

    41. ETXJeeprider

      I can’t remember if y’all vented the tank but may need a bigger vent

    42. firefighter3b

      Hey you two! Did you see pic on Facebook I sent y’all need to build?

    43. ken BARNETT

      i cant believe you nerds make so much money and get handed massive free stuff your both extremely slow in the head you nerds amaze me

    44. chef dopps

      somehow while using satire you made a more accurate medical drama than Greys Anatomy. lol

    45. TNpunx

      I'm loving it, the "story mode" is awesome, nice little touch. Hey what happened to the street legal golf cart? You should bring it back, maybe make it a recovery vehicle with a winch an all.

    46. Mark Schilling

      Props to the editing.

    47. Franco Forcucci

      Lmao the dramatic scene really got me

    48. bobbywalter

      Gearing.....has plenty of power.

    49. Chris Thompson

      You guys should clear some trees, grade your track, and widen the creek pass. I think that would make a world of a difference

    50. Tyler Knight

      Take 2 😅😅😅😅

    51. sbluke55

      Hood stack it.

    52. Dennis Flemming

      No vent

    53. Dan M

      Damn it Bobby

    54. Nick Massey

      Brilliant .you and the 'grindgard plumbing guys need to race

    55. Drone HQ

      When will you get the deloran running

    56. Frequent Tuna

      problem sounds like a vacuum problem, is your fuel tank got a breather? lol :p

    57. cheaper by the thousand

      Really impressed with the suspension on this build. I hope one day you'll recreate it on a larger scale.

    58. Juho Mäki-Petäjä

      Carb issue. Not exhaust. Does fuel tank have air hole

    59. Richard Werling

      Im thinking ......Dukarti bronco

    60. BigJsmonte 330

      "Its only when you get off do you realize you are filthy" hahaha i learned that when i was young

    61. Jackson Warnock

      So my friend wants to put a 30 hp diesel motor in his china buggy what tourq converter should we use ?

    62. shane haws

      You should split all the times up into 2 wheel, 3 wheel and 4 wheel chassis for times

    63. shane haws

      Id like to get my hands on a couple of the chevy trucks out of that power wheels graveyard

    64. Jason Colyer

      Is the feul tank vented

    65. Trevor Crane

      Make a 2 wheel drive bike!

    66. Mat Gaudet

      Why do you guys keep building junk? You need to step up your game. With channels like Grind Hard Plumbing. They build some nice stuff and some of it seems fairly straight forward. Cars And Cameras are you just to cheap to spend the money on some good parts?

      1. Mat Gaudet

        And that power wheels is way to small. I feel sorry for Issac. He can barely fit in the darn thing. Its like John was only thinking of himself when he bought it.

    67. Corey Lou

      I despise adds but gopowersports promos are oddly perfect 👌

    68. Jim Grauman

      This worked out great, I was having nachos and needed some cheese. Cheesey! I laughed my ass off. That was great thanks guys

    69. American Defender

      Its time to build a v8 go kart

    70. Evan Ortwine

      Cheesy as eff, keep it cars and cameras

    71. B.A Mitchem

      Still much better than grays anatomy

    72. just voices

      I would love to see y’all put some plastic tires back on the bronco just for the heck of it

    73. Dan Gleave

      Which go power sports are you ordering your parts from?

    74. Bryan Carrillo

      Sup y’all I don’t know why but I love how you guys built so amazing go karts and other vehicles that you’ve made

    75. N1RKW

      That Power Wheels graveyard looked like a whole heap of excellent projects to me. I don't know who owns all that, but a few of those would make excellent bodies for go-karts!

    76. Layback209 FixOrSmash

      Wondering if you have a tank vent on that custom set up you made? Could explain the motor issues? Like on an outboard and you forget to open the tank vent then remember after hours of strong words

    77. Nik Martin

      You guys put a vent on the tank? Sounds like it needs one

    78. john smith

      I'm quite sure quite a few of your followers will agree with me that exhaust back pressure is not going to cause your engine to break up at high RPM like that. You either have an obstruction on the magnets on your spark creating magneto or you have gotten water inside of your coil. This is not a fuel related issue this is all spark.

    79. TheBaconBrotato

      Are you guys ever going to grade out that track? Maybe fill in some of the muddier areas?

    80. Ratty RatStuff

      is there any way i could come and we build a gokart with my 1100 shaft driven bike? i want to try and start my own yt channel building anything from gokarts-cross carts- home made lathe-cars. just wanna build everything but i need to learn the little stuffs. ive been upgrading my gokarts and now wanna build a 4wd one using a transfer case and my 1100 shaft drive

    81. Rex Cadral

      So many power wheels! Are you guys like pro Barbie Jeep racers too?

    82. Tom S

      @1:10 Ike looks like a dad following after his kid picking up the parts of his toy he left behind.

    83. Lance Washington

      Do they make diesel parts I would like to see a fully built diesel

    84. dtvtechrp

      Really .... ugh

    85. Twat Dijasay

      Does that gas tank have a vent? I dont remember.

    86. VintageSpeed Garage

      needle adjustment affects 1/4 to 3/4 throttle position. mid range.

    87. Pan_Gotti

      *grind hard plumbing co would like to know your location*

    88. Dominick T

      Its having problems and started off with a problem because its in a Ford body

    89. thomas young

      Maybe the engine doesn’t have enough torque to run both those axles and that’s why issues with bogging?

    90. z06trk

      This weeks episode of Ike’s Anatomy was awesome!

    91. Chase Derouin

      Please make some with with the John Deere power wheel lol, like a farm truck kinda build

    92. Herman Wallin

      i am sad that they haven't melted a piston yet from not tuning the carb. so they would finally learn.

    93. Scotty Douglass

      Tiny awesome package that's why I married my wife.

    94. Rider

      You guys need to stop sniffing glue! Funny as hell though. LOL :)

    95. Tyler Dvorak

      And sliding the clip up would allow the needle to sit deeper in the carb leaning it out right ?

    96. Tyler Dvorak

      I thought the needle was only responsible for the first 1/3 of the throttle ?

    97. handyhippie65

      that was a lot of old power wheels. kinda sad seeing all of those lonely toys wasting away in the sun. it will kill the plastic quicker than a brat with a hammer.

    98. Michael Galvez

      That intro what's the best that's what she said comment I've ever heard

    99. brian meattey

      I have a twin cylender lawn tractor and I have to blow thru the gas line back thru to the gas tank cause something keeps blocking the line and tank is clean and couldn't see nothing in tank but it could be running great then it pukes out due to that .then I do it again and I'm set for the day again but not saying it's that but it could be vaper locking stoping flow excetra just something to check . godbless and stay safe

    100. James McGee

      Starting the video with a soap opera! LMAO! Sounds like a combination of things. Pulse pump, air filter and exhaust. I'd unwrap your exhaust pipe and check for hot spots on the bends closest to the motor. Sometimes three bend can narrow when heated.