4 Engine Go Kart vs. 4WD Power Wheels Go Kart | OFFROAD SHOWDOWN!

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    We put our two four wheel drive projects up against each other in an off road showdown! Our 4 engined, 848cc 4wd go kart vs. our single engined (but also 4wd) Bronco power wheels go kart! These are two completely different approaches to four wheel drive. The 4 engine kart is simple- no suspension, one engine powering each individual wheel. The power wheels go kart on the other hand has full front and rear suspension, and a custom chain driven 4wd system that stems from one Tillotson 228cc engine.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Mikey Menser

      I cant wait to service 4 engines at once lol my 212 which is almost 10 years old is enough trouble although it sounds cool but if you flip or something you have 4x more chance to be crushed by a motor

    2. Josh Nabours

      I want to see a street race with the 4 engine all wheel drive go cart too. I bet it would do fantastic.

    3. The Beast From The Southeast

      It needs wider chunky tyres

    4. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    5. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    6. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    7. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    8. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    9. ynot woke stayvigilant777

      hey i'm disabled i got a roketta gocart gk06 would be cool if yall could upgrade it for me, i could pay and deliver would be an awesome episode or episodes !!!

    10. rooney fehr

      U guys should do the vs more often

    11. Wallie Kush

      Get rid of the predator engine. Cmon no that thing can’t compete w any other power wheels build

    12. Scott Cardwell

      Has nothing to do with tires... you should know one engine with the same horsepower as 4 single engines with that amount of hp...

    13. nicholas george

      Also, it might be better to put slightly smaller sprockets on the 4 engine gocart, just to level the playing field in my opinion...

    14. Jason Carter

      All that came to mind was scenes from Mad Max

    15. GoKart Boyz

      Eyyyyy I’m a super fan of you guys but I have a quick question I just bought myself a go kart that doesn’t have suspension but I was wondering what’s the best way I can put suspension on it?

    16. Harald Weltzin

      larger wheels and less unsprung weight is an advantage to the single engine cart

    17. John Musshafen

      It's like when you pick the straight line speed cart in mario cart versus the well handling one

    18. Brandon Mooney

      As well as revisiting, you guys should test them on pavement as well, I believe the 4 engine go kart may have you in the rearview on that one.

    19. Brandon Lugo

      Bronco is a beast! How is it not eating belts running 4wd?!

    20. Hunter C

      I thought the four engine car will win

      1. Hunter C


    21. Hunter C


    22. the sparkpplugman YouTube channle

      For the next project you guys should put 4 engines in a line

    23. Darren Jensen

      You guuuuuys. Why don't you have the bronco body on that thing? :( :(

    24. Owen Janssen

      Hey wondering if u have any engines for sale

    25. G0 K4RT

      Any stuff like this for sale ...

    26. Graffiti FX Newcastle

      time for an episodeon some track maintenence, u do have a tractor right??????????? grate the whole track.....brush cut the sides of the track, by summer time ule have a nice slick course. dooo itttttt!......love ya works lads, Craig From down under.

    27. Shaun Zamenick

      Hey john and ike, id like to see you guys make a snow-kart with front skis

    28. FJ80Coop

      Get the same tires on 4 engine kart,rejet all 4 engines after free flowing exhaust is installed and maybe regear all 4 corners final ratio to match the tuned engines more optimally...

    29. Devin Holloway

      I was wondering if I could have a little help with my 212 cc go kart intruder its older and we just replaced the clutch and the carberator so it's the first time it ran in a while but it is very slow and the brakes barely work after we put hours into bleeding them. Anybody have any suggestions on what I could do??

    30. Outdoors With Odin

      Hey cars and cameras i watch your videos every day and i think they are amazing and i want to send you an engine for a minibike for some merch and a shoutout

    31. NophuxgiviN

      Who's pitching and who's catching....is that kid old enough to be in this relationship? Just weird

    32. Cd1991

      Take the power wheels to your offroad meet area and test it out on the trails!!!!!

    33. Cayden DuRall

      Bronco vs. drift lawnmower?

    34. Donald Shetter

      The 4 engine cart was at such a disadvantage. Bald tires #1 and a smaller tire diameter. Something that small even tire diameter will change the carts final drive.

    35. James Ivey

      Four motors seem taking alot of weight. My friend build a gokart with 2x 212cc in the rear and thing are intense accelerating and topped out 50 mph. So for the tires ya should get a cleats that will definitely rip it!

    36. Zaden Hawk

      You should put a turbo on the diesel go cart

    37. Just1Ryan YT32

      bring back the racing lawn mower

    38. Damage Inc.

      How did I know that spoiled rich kid would be driving the newest vehicle while Isaac would be suffering on the old, suspensionless, chicken-strip-tired POS? And then he has the fuggin nerve to gloat when he wins. I don't know how you do it Isaac, you are a saint.

    39. Billy Matt's Garage

      Love your videos guys, yall are awesome.

    40. Jeff Parker

      This all comes down to tires.. the tires on the go kart suck.

    41. Fede Ortelli

      you dont have the same tires,bad.

    42. Jim A

      This Was Better Than Mario Karts Live !! : )

    43. John Hill

      Great video guys. This Old Man loves it. 👍💗💗

    44. Rick Stevens

      Ike was hand over hand , on a straight away like he was driving a big rig ..

    45. Gordon Wright

      can someone tell me how to repair a Honda gx340 that has sat without the corroborator or air filter and has been exposed to the elements for 10 years?

    46. alien attack

      This video is proof that slow and steady doesn't alwayse win the race

    47. Nunya Biz

      Mud/sand paddles for Franken-Cart!

    48. Nunya Biz

      Name suggestion for the 4 engine go-kart....Franken-Cart(?).

    49. James Rounding

      I wonder what how high the RPMs are on the 4 engine go kart. Might not be hitting the power band?

    50. Broo_sh

      4 engine also sound at its not have all right

    51. Broo_sh

      Why you even race that mud place when that 4 engine kart needs better streering and tires to drive jeeves guys bold tires in mud have no grip

    52. rc pros Canada

      U could make a chanel donation page so on ur next builds if someone wants to contribute they can

    53. SKUM INC.

      The old vs the new.

    54. Deborah chesser


    55. J ay

      Tractor steering wheel spinner for the 4 engine cart.

    56. Zachary Welch

      Would love to see a drone arial map of the tracks with lines and names so you guys can throw it up when you talk about where stuff breaks. Love the vids, keep it up 👍

    57. Daniel Castelow

      What happen to the 4 wheeler that y'all build at

    58. Karry Hanna

      I'm sorry but your boys that go power sports let me down when I had a 79cc predator they told me they couldn't help me and that was the end of it no torque converter so offer me a centrifugal clutch I understand that it's just one of their employees but he dropped the ball

    59. Ryan Vandiver

      Lol ike is putting in some work on the wheel trying to keep it moving in a straight line

    60. John Firsching Jr

      tug-o-war! bet the 4 engine cart would take the win there. definitely with new tires but it might as is anyway.

    61. tench745

      This seems like a good excuse to retire the 4-engine go-kart and redistribute those extra engines among other projects. Or upgrade until it can outclass the Bronco!

    62. Joe Abdo

      I love you work, but this is stupid. No offense, but what are you even doing with the 4motor drive car. Also, dump that 4WD engine, get 40HP one, with a standard moto transmission... wtf are you doing with that CVT yuckkkk... Sorry for the comment guys, but that's not even entertaining...

    63. james luecke

      Gear change keep the tires

    64. Stephan Blake

      Have you guys ever used a Bully Clutch? Just curious

    65. gpwcowboy

      No contest. Switch tire sizes

    66. Dirk Pitt

      Thanks fellas. I used your dragster paint video to learn how to paint my wife’s custom trike.

    67. NorCal

      You guys need to have a tug of war between the two 4x4's. Put them back to back hook up a chain and see who can pull who 👍🏻

    68. Benjamin Fisher

      Should make a four wheel , four motor , and all wheel steering

    69. allen vaughn

      You guys have the Orange County choppers logo. You know poul tuttel and the occ boys in nyc

    70. Nick Rudd

      The four engine bug needs four wheel steering too

    71. Visual Evidence

      LOL That Bronco ain't no joke!!!

    72. littleyard small pasture

      Anyone else see the spark from ikes rig? Lol

    73. jesse camacho

      Missed gears more ⚙️? engine 4

    74. Uncle Rico

      Sparks at 6:07. Wonder what that was from

    75. Daniel Lane

      The suspension on the buggy against the rigid frame on the cart was the biggest advantage .

    76. Ashton Crow

      Looks like the bronco has longer legs than the 4 engine cart, I’d like to see them on matching sized tires.

    77. Casey Nolte

      You guys need to build a "race car bed" go cart!

    78. Kdksk Kdksn

      Been watching u for 3 years now

    79. K T

      Please make the four-engined go cart Ver 2.0! Four modded predators mounted inboard. Full suspension.

    80. eric hamilton

      You're gonna have to raise the floor about 9 in in ad traveling suspension, your back will thank you later.

      1. eric hamilton

        You could really make a mini crawler

    81. Ernie Soehl

      You guys should have done a tug of war!!

    82. Jake Lieb

      Why dose ISSAC seem women like lately or was he always contradicting every John says.

    83. Gabriel Walliczek

      Bro i was gone for 8 months I haven’t watched any of your videos and now you have a beard what the heck

    84. Friday is reasonable

      man the 4 motor go kart was 4 years ago i’ve been watching this channel for a while now 😂

    85. Matt Kuhlman

      i wanna see stage 2 kits on all the engines of the 4 engine kart and put dome tires on it. i love that thing.

    86. Brad Johnson

      Isaac's beard is on point!

    87. Bren-X Motor Sports

      Ike starting to look like Harrison Ford in the Fugitive

    88. Levi D Bateman

      Haha, you guys are a blast!! Fun stuff! And the 4 engine should definitely get a redo/update

    89. George Goulborn

      poor Isaac.....he must have been covered in mud! he looks awefull he needs to shave that beard off!

    90. Flat Cap Adventures

      Have you guys ever brainstormed about coming up with some sort of treaded tank or something similar? That would be a REALLY cool build!

    91. Potrzebie Neuman

      I think Isaac only has 4 hp in reality. He may have 4 x 4 hp but it's like having 4 x 1.5v batteries in parallel, you have 4 times the capacity but it's still only 1.5v if you get my drift.

    92. Dave Estey

      Beard is looking luscious, Ike

    93. Outdoors Adventurist

      Man I really wanna thank y’all. Y’all have really inspired me with every video y’all post. I love every video when y’all describe how y’all built them and worked on them. I have finally got a 250 crotch rocket because y’all made me want one. Thanks man. Y’all keep em up.

    94. Gregory B

      3 of the 4 motors waste

    95. kevin bailey


    96. Michael Benoit

      Y’all should get a Kohler diesel with a mixed turbo to put on the bronco power wheels cart for a crap ton of low end torque.

    97. Poe Moto Adv

      Y'all a bunch of idiots 🤣 love it 😂

    98. Tyler Barton-Cooley

      Great video as all ways. My request is to do more work on the trophy kart

    99. Next Level Detailing

      I have not been on in quite a while. Ike your beard is majestic!!!

    100. Gary Collins

      Wonder if it would be a definite drag race if they were both geared alike one size smaller sprocket way larger try catch on the other one different size in the tires probably to