1000cc Mini Trophy Truck FULL SEND | TROPHY KART FINALE

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    The 1000cc home-built BMW powered mini trophy truck is finished, except for a few items that we discover in this episode where we jump & drift the trophy kart to its limits, and find a few more flaws. Overall this custom built UTV performs really well, but we could improve on the shock damping, and it could REALLY use a seat belt!
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    Published on 24 days ago


    1. Garrett Stater

      Shorten the gearing since you don’t use all the gears I mean🤷‍♂️ rally cars do it for technical courses

    2. Samual Whittemore

      Y'all need to put a spare tire on the back for better balance -- that's what the trophy trucks do.

    3. RMBG Tango

      You know it is expensive when they put German parts on it

    4. AforEffort


    5. GodschildinNC

      street tires and a trip to VIR for a top speed!

    6. Dallas Held

      Ike's beard game is stellar🤘🤘👊

    7. Kryštof Grešák

      Now you are my best car guys duo

    8. Brandon Bethea

      My car went out on me and I’m looking to make my own mini bike or diy car

    9. Jeff Newbill

      Y'all need some real shocks,not those go power sports toy shocks.

    10. Tom Hubbard

      you guys should really do a drive shaft shield cause thats going to be a bad day if that break when going fast or at high rpm

    11. Mattias Velinov

      I have heard that a linear power band like you described is pretty much a trademark of BMW engines

    12. John Wright

      Make it street legal and put some street tires

    13. 59vaughn

      So that was runnin on air ...??....😳😂really just a lean tune...😜...BMW cars..🤔😂....dude, it's a bike motor...

    14. Dyllan Camp

      Nooooooo ike shaved the beard

    15. Devin Mata

      Just angle the intake pipe over the steering 😂

    16. 86 Olds 442

      To help out with the nose dive landings you will need t ok go to a stiffer shock and a heavier spring. I dont recommend a softer rear because of the squat during turns. The springs on my desert truck are about 350lbs heavier than rear

    17. Adam Rodgers

      That's a dope unit.

    18. S Soltys

      Now that’s what I call a death trap I love it

    19. pieman12345678987654

      Damn bros, it sounds good. I'm glad to see you guys having fun with a well running engine under you.

    20. rompdude

      man that thing needs some softer springs and a little lift on the front end

    21. John Hamlin

      That thing rips

    22. lester prince

      this fix is temporary until it quits working.

    23. Scott Bruner

      Issac, you beard has graduated to "epic level".

    24. Bradley Curry

      “That was almost ejecto seato cuz” Wasn’t expecting to laugh that hard

    25. Brian Proffitt

      Needs some kinda air box, the way that one is it can’t be liking it

    26. Mikey Menser

      And i though my decade old 212 was wild lol

    27. Tyler Word

      That thing is awesome call it just send it lol

    28. Romulous75

      Call of duty Isaac.

    29. Daniel Castelow

      I would love to see johns face win he's driving this thing lol

    30. Mike of Indy

      Please put a larger steering wheel on this thing. You will have so much more control. If you want to keep that tiny wheel then add a steering quickener.

    31. ChefGiovanni

      I have to say, I love your "Hillbilly Style Shifter" . Looks fun.

    32. Daryl Lockett

      Seat belt

    33. Motors and Mud

      Don't you put that kind of evil on me Ricky Bobby!

    34. TheWorkbench

      Why is the steering and the shifter so badly located? It makes it harder to control

    35. Mike L60

      Nice Job !

    36. Confederate_bigblock

      Is that thing turbocharged or supercharged because I hear a whine

    37. Christian Torres

      Did anyone catch ejoctocito cuh from the fast and the furious


      is it me or did the tracking go on the second lap?

    39. Jeff Wilson

      You guys are the real deal. Having fun. My kind of Fun.

    40. Arthur Quinn


    41. Bryan

      I think this is the first video I’ve seen by you guys, where it wasn’t raining or at least muddy. That truck,looks fun as hell to drive, too.

    42. Chad Jones

      Bigger wider tires

    43. Bryce Dorey

      Also a funny cage around the head

    44. Bryce Dorey

      Needs a tailer seat and atleast a 4 point harness

    45. James Beatty

      Have you guys measured the front and rear suspension travel?

    46. Brian Rocco

      This thing is awesome and deserving of real shocks

    47. Brendon Pike

      “ and we thought we’d never see a sub one second lap” lmao, I doubt you will

    48. L410_ Boi_

      Y’all need to go to sand dunes with like paddle tires all the way around

    49. boltonky

      Boosting it, breaking it, fixing it, sounds like kinda day

    50. James Hart

      Hey to add onto yall getting straps yall should get a little bigger seat (mabe) and put a body on the trophy cart

    51. Master Sitorou

      Half Life 2 buggy on steroids

    52. m 88

      that engine really has nothing to do with bmw car engines lol, completely different torque curve xD

    53. callmenort nortin

      Am thinking you two dudes are about ready to be whippin up a dirt track stock car!!! maybe even paved track!! :)

    54. W B

      worried about a seat belt... ehh.. id be more worried about a broken ujoint at speed 😬😆🥜🥜

    55. Beaver_nation227

      They should put this vehicle in the next fast and furious movie

    56. James O'Neel

      John is such a scaredy cat driving stuff😂

    57. Pin

      Make a f1 kart

    58. neil mchardy

      Was it getting more and more negative camber as it went round?

    59. Shannon Geisler

      Love the builds been a fan for a long time! Just have a suggestion, not trying to be one of those people! But.... lol you should put a gaurd over the drive shaft so if any part of it busts its not slaming the family jewels!!

    60. Harry Patt

      Biggerrr, I wanna see a turbo setup and bigger motor, more power.. completely out of hand and roudy 😎

    61. Luffy D Monkey

      Still as awesome as the first time they got parts from gopowersports haha. I think this trophy kart would be faster if the steering was more direct, ya’ll look a bit scared and twitchy riding it but i believe i would be too, this thing is a beast 😍

    62. Marko Polo

      Who else wants to see a top speed test, I think it might do 120mph?

    63. Marko Polo

      This trophy truck is without doubt the best thing you have built from scratch, love it but think you need some more height up front.

    64. Paul Condie

      She is badass!

    65. MoosesValley

      Geez that looks like one hell of a lot of fun !

    66. wallace dean

      That would be cool- a cars and cameras camp out overnight!!

    67. Big Jay

      Muffler clamp will hold that Spring in place I've done it before and it never moved again...

    68. Big Jay

      I thought you hit the Eject button there for a minute Isaac. Yep that thing has some legs...

    69. Smurphenstein

      Double front shocks should help.

    70. Mein Sohn

      I like the trophy cart but not the shocks from go power sports

    71. Richard LeBlanc

      Lol John is scared to death 🤣

    72. Aj Lauzon

      The thing got bucked because the lip is too short and steep. The lip has to be able to fit the entire vehicle long way. If the front wheels are off the ground before the rear wheels hit the transition, no matter how flat the rebound is on the rear shocks the thing is gonna buck like that. Watch monster jam and how those react on short take offs vs long take offs.

    73. daddi275

      Is it me or does the right front tire look like the caster camber out. looks like the top is way too far in.

    74. Richard LeBlanc

      You guys are awesome really hits home watching you guys

    75. Paul Paul

      Body panels next


      Mantap bang... saya juga lagi bikin mini buggy..👍😊😊

    77. Liam Hooks

      Is it a manual clutch or what

    78. jrea424

      Right before the jump let off the throttle for a brief moment then floor it! Stops it nose diving so much. Yeh who needs prime time tv this is far more entertaining!!!

    79. John Hill

      John and Ike you guys continue to be amazing. 3:30am this Old Man enjoying the second video with my coffee☕. John really glad your Dad got me started on your channel. Love you guys. 🚙😎💗💗

    80. TheJessemull

      Almost 1 million subscribers and still buying cheep parts hahaha spend some of your moldy money and buy some good shocks.. as for your intake, can you block off the original hole on the box and cut new one on the top ? great vids tho keep it up

    81. T

      Put some hole shots or some razors on there

    82. CLC III

      No seat belts. Can you say sketchy? Yes you can. You know it is!

    83. mason north

      Awesome build ! BUT your shifter handle is an eye PLUGER/remover if your not wearing a harness. Great fun be safe.......

    84. Tim Smallsreed

      It could use some better tires. Imagine how much faster it would be with tires that hooked up. Those round tires work good for sliding around corners though. Square tires grip. Holeshot type or Bear Claws are good choices.

    85. Nicole C

      Carlisle all trail tires. Please try them on something. They are a good tires

    86. Nicole C

      That sounds goooood

    87. thisguy fromyoutubesaid

      We need to see a drag race vs a car to see how fast it really is

    88. Sam’s Garage

      That’s fast.Great job guys

    89. i do stuff

      This sounds bad but i cant wait for the first roll over just to see how things hold up

    90. martin enoch

      And balance the weight! Lead sheet low in the back

    91. martin enoch

      In tank fuel pump is vital.

    92. Jason Paul

      It's got enough power- y'all could add some ballast to the rear to even out the jumps

    93. Thomas Myers

      Just a tip, try to keep your thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel so if you ever hit a large bump or the wheel jerks hard you don't break them. Awesome build!!

    94. mark smithson

      Isaac killed it!!! Flying in the air and gp lap.

    95. Todd Baldwin

      You may want to add a couple of safety hoops around that driveline before somebody takes a hit to the bottom of that seat or worse! Welding on a shock is never a good idea, that was a great decision. Seat belt is a great idea, a harness would be even better, and you could even take it a step further with the hand restraints like the Honda Odyssey's had to keep your arms inside in a rollover. Hindsight is always 20/20, but looking back is still a bit fuzzy.

    96. nikolaiownz

      That thing is badass haha. And did you just notch up your production 😁😁😁

    97. Tekno Tony

      If that driveshaft flies off you are probably gonna have a bad time.

    98. Jim Grauman

      Hey Ike, don't apologize. If you aren't breaking it, you aren't having fun

    99. Jim Grauman

      Really! Jon you are looking for reasons to not go again? Damn you should be chomping at the bit.

    100. curlybrownk9

      You guys got something going with this buggy, but l don't know about running an open driveshaft with the universal joint right where your balls are.😳