We Bought an ABANDONED 750cc Swapped 4 Wheeler! Meet the HON-DUKI!

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    We bought an abandoned project! Someone started swapping a SOHC Honda 750cc motorcycle engine into a Suzuki Quad Sport 230- an 80s sport 4 wheeler originally quipped with a 229cc four stroke engine. The Honda CB750 engine made nearly 70 horsepower when it was new, with over triple the displacement of the original four wheeler engine. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned at some point, so we're picking it up where the last builder left off! We see if we can get the old Honda 750 running for the first time in years!
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    1. leanne eaton

      The little 1 4 decompreshen lever

    2. Zachary Tate

      Hell yes

    3. christopher vidler

      im growing my beard back

    4. Zac Peck

      That small lever I believe is a compression release lever. I have a 1985 lt230s and that’s what it is

    5. Tony Johnson

      This my new favorite channel i want me a old dirt bike now

    6. DK 69

      I also hate mushroom pizza man😂🙌

    7. Scott Mckenzie

      Excellent weldone guys

    8. Jerk Of All Trades

      Pineapple and Ham all the way, mushrooms are gross

    9. Gar F

      Mushroom pizza is the worst

    10. marcus alvarado

      It would be nice to have

    11. NovaBXNY Nova

      Had that save quad back in the day. Was like a 300cc Suzuki QuadRunner . Was not bad but definitely not a race quad or anything.

    12. William Coleman

      whats wrong with pineapple pizza??

    13. JK Lyons

      nice screwdriver

    14. Brian Kennedy

      My guess would be if ya twisted that nut too hard you gonna break off end of crank. No key there.

    15. Erij Diaz


    16. Crazy JinX

      this ones name is bubbles

    17. Rick Waldren

      Dylan if you had a 2 stoke you would have something that's twice as quick and you wouldn't need a copesion release to start it Get with the plan man Two strokes on the track.4 strokes on the pavement that will.not change

    18. Rick Waldren

      Good show bro nice work instead of riding it in the bush all the time..enjoy it more Make it street legal have duel purpose it has the power for the road you just need turn signals go for it

    19. 59vaughn


    20. xxIONBOMBxx

      I got 2 front wheels and tires that match those for sale🤔 tires are good too and they hold air

    21. Brodie Yeager

      That little lever is a compression reducer

    22. Jason Wills

      To quick.

    23. Jason Wills

      Ican understand your excitenmentogettingittorun

    24. Jason Wills

      Mini of 8inthe team

    25. Jason Wills

      I wonder if the Fnnas car guys ditthat way.?

    26. Jason Wills

      Yep finger compression is the right way todo it?

    27. Jason Wills

      Another tool your notsure how to use?

    28. Jason Wills

      Hope you didn’t pay much for it?

    29. Jason Wills

      Adjustablespanner! Aproper mech anicithink not?

    30. Jason Wills

      Those3wheelers atre deadly let alone puta750 underneath first thing you wanto do turning corners is put your foot down then it runsupyourleg?

    31. Lucifer II

      Sounds like poop

    32. Abdullah Khalid

      youtube has been blocking your videos for me!

    33. Fartingcatfish

      The other Handel is a compression release

    34. Lawrence Eich

      Make it a dirt drag quad!

    35. Jase Taylor

      It sounds like a bubble machine

    36. lingweeny

      Lets get them to 1 mil

    37. JP_Moto's

      Lt230 quadsport, watch out for the swing arm bearings

    38. Vitesse

      The guy behind the camera is so damn annoying. He has no clue what he is talking about and tries to finish Ikes sentences. Channel would be better without him

    39. Michael Johnson

      Race Quad

    40. Exotic Clan

      I have the same one a 1987 230 suzuki quadrunner and it runs amazing it cranks first try amd everything

    41. James Earl

      Back in the 80s/90s it would have been a neat project because there were no real powerful atv's back than, but a 70 hp 750 today isn't overly powerful, a 600 raptor from 20 years ago is more powerful than that 750 Honda motor could ever be.

    42. Jonny Vann

      That reminds me of my old Honduki, even though your engine is bigger. Back when I was in high school my Dad and I took a Suzuki 230 frame and put a Honda ATC 200 engine in it. It was a fun little bike... fast enough to get sketchy at top speed, with it's short wheel base. Make sure your "A arms" are attached snugly... it seems like I had one of the lower ones come loose, and it could have been really gnarly if I had been going fast.

    43. C NOTE

      It was used as a plug to not get water in the motor

    44. lawrence john

      Enjoyed the vid guys...Found your apprehension on engaging the carbs a bit hilarious tho...I would have relished diving right into those badboys and restoring them to performance specs..I absolutely LOVE dealing with carbs...Motorcycles,outboards, weedwhackers,power-saws..You name it...lol.

    45. jessy fekete

      Pineapples on pizza is fucking nasty

    46. need metal

      So now you have a 50 horsepower boat anchor in it. Put an up to date engine in it

    47. Pork Chop

      its like im in the shop .... oh wait im watching this in the shop.... wtf is wrong with me...

    48. Ryan Trussell

      Do you guys need a new guy on your show with tech experience

    49. John Slatner

      Everything was great, and good explanations.....but Jesus just clean the carburetors before you waist all that time.

    50. Anthony Perkins

      Hey yeah!!!!

    51. bryan ford

      hat dere's a genuine piece -a-badassery!!

    52. William Howton

      The finger clutch is for stunting

    53. Tim Johnson

      Looks to be a 230 sport maybe

    54. Tim Johnson


    55. Dragon Rider

      It's a live

    56. David Clausner

      Second clutch was a decompression lever to kick start that Suzuki lt230 quadsport. I owned one as a kid . Loved it

    57. kaseybakes

      i have my dads old 2 wheeler honda from when he was a kid

    58. Kristina Arnold

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    62. Nick K

      You can make a beat off that intro lol

    63. TANner Sellinger

      Btw the little black handle is the compression brake

    64. Mason Scott

      I used to have a hon-duki. 200m honda motor swapped into a 230 quad sport

    65. Captain Busch

      You need to take your fancy tool and look down into the piston hose again to make sure everything's okay

    66. Cole Wixson

      Did he mean to say 4 cycle instead of cylinder 👀🥴

    67. Tennessee Kart garage

      It looks like a walle

    68. Magical Ace3871

      He has that much of a beard it’s been so long since I watched this

    69. Nitous Infinitarius

      Pineapple on pizza is for real men that eat all food....girly man.

    70. Mia Moore Mi Amor

      If it runs like a beast, you may need to rename it suzukonda!

    71. chuck romano

      The screws in the pipes are early stock parts

    72. Allen cade monteith

      That cool

    73. Ronnie Jarvis


    74. Numba9

      33:15 satisfying asf

    75. Sol Rosenberg

      That’s a Suzuki quad sport 230 correct? And that Mini clutch handle is the original decompression handle

    76. nivesknight

      With the valve smash I hope they at least sanded it down.... valve clearance???? Might have hammered its self clear already....

    77. nivesknight

      When deciding camera angles normally go with a more face to face view. When picking sides 14:17

    78. nivesknight

      So the smaller clutch lever is the original to the quad and the larger is from the bike.

    79. nivesknight

      Just saying you guys have come a long way... but a fork lift???? Should have used one of the jeep toys to pull it....

    80. Ewing Fabrications

      You earned a sub today guys

    81. Elijah McCartney

      Man that seat is in good condition, you could easily get a hundred bucks for it

    82. steve brueggen

      Real cool! Hang on.

    83. James Shelswell

      That thing is awesome

    84. Jason Heberling

      the small lever is a decompression release used to kill the motor

    85. Allen Snook

      Hondukkie yes yes.wanna see that baby rip the sod.someone had a great halfass plan!!!you fellas can do this just frankienstien it together n blast off!!snooky pa.

    86. Dane Allen

      I have that 4-wheeler stock, 1991 230CC Suzuki Quadsport

    87. codie branch

      Did isaac lose his razors?

    88. Paradigm Mirror

      I love me a pineapple, jalapeno, and chicken pizza.

    89. D B

      The guy with the camera needs to stop interrupting the other dude when he is speaking. Fkn annoying and rude.

    90. Mike Walton

      this is awesome!!!! i wish i had a reach lift like yours!!!

    91. Martin Hill

      Pineapple is not a food

    92. KaosBC

      been watchin for years.. took internet hiatus for a while.. came back... you 2 old dudes makin me feel old.. lol (gee thanks right haha) btw that looks like a compression release lever

    93. arnaud pilma

      Those are not allen heads they are JIS and the header clamp is original. I rebuilt a couple engines like that.

    94. That actually runs!!

      big spiders in tiny passages nasty takes extra time and work nightmare.

    95. ponyboi197

      Install a motorcycle swing arm on the back of that thing and make it a reverse trike. That would be sweeeeet!

    96. geneo *

      Are you snacking on pizza 🍕? that's fn funny 💩 right there !!👍👍

    97. stephen heubach

      This is some tweaker shit

    98. Keith Riter

      New subscription here.great stuff guys learned a couple things.thanks.keep it on two

    99. Matt R

      I have a 1977 honda cb350 motorcycle its green and all freshly wired up and some other new things on it cant wait to hear it when its done

    100. NoTtOGoOd

      the bolt in the brakes is called a banjo bolt