TrailMaster MB-200 Upgrades Ends in BROKEN CRANKSHAFT!

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    The TrailMaster MB200 mini bike is easily one of the best new mini bikes on the market. It has full suspension, a 196cc 6.5hp engine, and is built for adult riders. We've upgraded our TrailMaster mini bike to a built 196cc engine (billet rod, billet flywheel, hot cam, head work, and 22mm mikuni carburetor), and we've ridden it hard for years. In today's episode, our MB200 mini bike gets some much needed TLC and upgrades, including new rear shocks, a new chain, new torque converter bearings, an air filter, and a bigger 24mm flat slide carburetor. Unfortunately on our test drive, Ike breaks the crankshaft in half!
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    1. Balin Weatherhead

      This is probably a weird question but do bikes of this size and age come with titles?

    2. Jordan Nixon

      You guys should do give always lol to me

    3. brad08stanggt

      I hope you guys know that those uni filters are designed to be oiled!!

    4. Dominic Alosso

      What app did you use to get the top speed and also love the video

    5. Jimmy Neutron427

      3:49 has a screen 10:47 has no screen and then 10:49 it has a screen again could be a coincidence but just wanted to see if anyone else noticed lol have a good day

    6. Jimmy Neutron427

      has anyone else noticed that in some shots the exhaust pipe has no screen and in some shots it does

    7. Ryan Anderson

      Js why he not wearing the helmet for crashing?????

    8. Cody

      This for real feels like a disappointed father helping his son after a mess up

    9. dominic santelli

      i'm still waiting on the day they make a new project and nothing, absolutely nothing goes wrong with it ever, but then again thats no fun

    10. Goofy

      John has the im 15 and just put a dent in the car look. Lol. It just gets worse. Lol well the chain stuck oh its missing a shock. No air filter Lol.

    11. Frank Abbate

      My favorite you tube channels..ike and John. It'll be fine 👍👌👊

    12. Wade Pool

      stand on ya head then !!!!

    13. Early Earl

      Hey ike! I need help on making my bm200 faster then factory?

    14. C G DIRT


    15. King Ave Garage

      Time for a Tillison!

    16. delmas15

      Send it bend know the rest.

    17. Cody Carr

      If you ever noticed how issac keeps one foot close to the ground when making a corner try it sometime

    18. Marvin Wilbur

      if the rear shocks have adj. try lowering it to make the rearend not so hard.

    19. william pierce

      You should the new rubber crankshaft from long dong racing.

    20. Chuck.U.Farley

      You guys really NEED a Yamaha BW 350 .. got the big wheels, just like a trike but hasnt got the 3rd wheel!

    21. Poulan Mudmower

      I was just wondering about the 420 CC predator Coleman bike that you guys done a while back I was thinking of something like that or make it simple and just do the 225 tillotson any information would be helpful thank you

    22. Poulan Mudmower

      Mini bikes yes I purchased two of the Coleman bikes last year one for me and one for my son we road the wheels off of those things good time's .

    23. Trev Or

      We need to donate some mx boots for John so he can put his foot down in the corners instead of laying down these 90lb scooters..😂🤣

    24. CaneAtvse

      Loved the overhead view yall did of the track

    25. Deryk Bigelow

      Always press on the race with the interference fit. For your application, you were correct: Press on the outer race for going into a housing. But if you were pressing a bearing onto a shaft, you would then press on the inner race.

    26. Oldiron

      And we’re going to upgrade the shocks. (You mean we’re going to put shocks ON it) LOL and we’re going to upgrade from one shock to two shocks

    27. wingnutgarage 10mm

      Are the cvt back plates all the same, between 30 and 40 series? I have a 30 series mounted to a 420 engine and I bought the 40 series clutches but it seems like they won't fit properly with the back plate I have.

      1. wingnutgarage 10mm

        I got the 5/8 driven clutch in hopes to use the back plate I have any info is helpfulness

    28. NorCal Hobbyist

      Dang that was rippin... please do a takedown vid..

    29. Kevin Sellsit

      Tune in next week for big happy smiles when we break a frame in half. (ha ha) Well, at least it was haulin' ass right up to the end!

    30. SportbikerNZ

      Seeing the insides of that engine will be interesting. It'll be fine, right haha. Good vid.

    31. Xander Blade

      Have you ever thought about putting bigger tires on the cross cart to see how it would perform?

    32. Caden Oldenburg

      Where is the diesel pickup truck?

    33. WideAwake

      best belt for a 30 series torque converter ? running a 13hp on a track sled

    34. Colby Barbour

      who’s the camera man?

    35. Damion Plymesser

      The look on Isaac's face when he learns what its been first thought, "It'll be fine"

    36. mickymoto100

      Go Power Sports is empty, are they still making parts?

    37. The SJV Workshop

      I think it’s about time John realises he’s not the rider he thinks he is 🙂


      Well it's fucked

    39. william klein

      It looked to me as if Ike wasn't thrilled about John's "fun with friends" event.

    40. Brandon The Car Guy

      Weld the crank back together and do a top speed run Who cares about crank balance and doing it right, it’ll be fine

    41. Redfred1 Mooch

      That crankshaft was awesome his dumbass landing on it more than three times

    42. Redfred1 Mooch

      The crankshaft broke because his dumbass don't know how to drive a bike keep your feet off the foot pedals and put them on the ground and a wide stance

    43. MrBlazzor

      I want 1

    44. A P

      Get a Honda monkey

    45. DrChickenMan23

      so are you guys a couple

    46. video game challengers

      Not like you guy are going to read this but can you do a video on a 7 hp electrical start duromax engine from home depot please

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    53. jason vidmar

      put your firkin foot out turning corners always

    54. ParKour Runners5

      What app on your phone do you use for speedometer

    55. gary mathews

      the dong is done

    56. michael emersonl


    57. Charles Shreeve

      MB-200 upgrades ends in BROKEN CRANKSHAFT! Um, you really want to call that an upgrade?

    58. vincent p

      Well, John, fell, no surprise!

    59. Greg Steele

      Yeah DANG those 5/8 196cc shafts to HECK!! The new Coleman RB200 has a 3/4 crank tho. And front shocks, and huge seat & rear rack They bought out ALL Monster Moto's old stock. $599 shipped free to your local Walmart. Mine does 30 with the throttle stop screw most of the way out. Oh yeah, hydraulic rear disk brake. Unbelievable price and ride!

    60. Faster Brandon

      Who here has watched since before jeb died?

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      Try buying a Yamaha chappy 1976

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      Like everything was fine, till it wasn't lmao love the videos guys keep em coming

    66. Nunya Biz

      You 2 are after my own heart. I used to do similar things (but not to your extent) but never had a good "budget" to speak of. Keep up the great work/videos.

    67. Nick Baddorf

      Hey cars and cameras, I have been a fan for a long time, and I love the content! My absolute favorite cart you have ever made was the old ducarti Ducati cart! I hope y’all bring that back soon!

    68. Shawn Connelly

      Hey guys nice job😂 only one thing you guys really need a atv lift or some thing to work on so your not always working on the ground this will save yours knees keep it up guys love it

    69. Bracken G

      I’d love to see a mild to heavily built 301cc on this thing.

    70. Jonny Archer

      TLC= Time, Labor, and Cash. I'm glad ya'll have it cus not all of us do! still love the vids!

    71. Dirtfoot Racing

      New tires ...lower times

    72. Chuckuns

      When you put intakes on these engines, you need to port the head to match so you get all the benefits of going bigger.

    73. Ronnie Maeker

      On the bearing tip: It depends. If going into a housing, tap the outer race. Over a shaft, tap the inner race.

    74. M owler

      I had this brilliant idea for an episode....Dartboard of random parts contest to make a mini bike to see who can make one that does the fastest time.

    75. Bdady74

      No offense intended I feel like Isaac should be wearing yellow rain gear and selling us fish sticks...

    76. Tony Mac

      29.04, but you know I’m going to mess with him!

    77. Tony Mac

      Isaacs hands still purple from I’m guessing the splash paint job 🤣

    78. Jacob Gurie

      i know it wasn’t a big piece if information, but i would love to see more “tech tips” that kind of stuff is nice to know for learning people like me

      1. Jacob Gurie

        but i love that minibike. i remember watching the video when y’all did the head work

    79. dave jack

      adjust ur throttle cable PLZ u have so much more in the engine !

    80. Paul Paul

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    82. anthonyj

      I'd love to see what that crank looks like

    83. Ashton Bethany

      I own this same mini bike. Are there any cheap mods that you can recommend?

    84. J S

      its always john...

    85. john beach

      "They" manufacture bags to fit over those pod filters and you can use Scotch Guard to waterproof 'em. Works great, give it a try. Those pod filters should be oiled too. The paper pulp doesn't filter out the particulates without it.

    86. john beach

      Ike, John, want your shock back? I need 20,000,000 in un marked twenty dollar bills deposited in my post office box by Monday if ya ever wanna see it alive again! Inbox me for PO address LOLOLOLOL

    87. john beach


    88. Hurtydwarf

      That bearing tip is kind of misleading. You always want to hammer the side of the bearing thats in contact with something. Hammering it on a shaft, you hammer the inside race thats sliding onto the shaft, hammering it into like a hub or something, you'd hammer the outer race thats in contact with it.

    89. doitman RV

      Big Smile

    90. Erric D Johnson 74

      Never hit the inner race of your bearings it could Jack your bearings all up causing premature jaculation 🤔🙄😁 ✌️

    91. Dave Covert

      Please do a tear down video! Would love to see the carnage inside that engine!

    92. blair breland

      Seeing your giving bearing tips most people gently remove one seal on bearing and grease them cause the original grease doesn't last then reinstall the seal.

    93. Josh Meyer

      I'd bet it ran hot due to the fact most of the time the shield that directs airflow around the cylinder and head is never out back on. Only time u can safely leave that off is when running on alcohol/methanol

    94. Samuel Ervin

      Ike kinda sounded mad

    95. Lorene Mitchell

      This channel would be huge without John

    96. Lorene Mitchell

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